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How To Make A Rubber Band Ball

Here at Alliance, it’s obvious we like rubber bands. Alliance has been generating superb rubber bands given that 1923. It all started out whilst William Spencer obtained some Goodyear internal tubes and reduced the bands with the resource of way of hand. He then persuaded Tulsa World to wrap their newspapers with a band and later went right now to pioneer distinct new markets for bands.

Alliance commenced with only some rubber bands; however, it now has over 2,000 one-of-a-kind rubber band merchandise!

Some of the personnel at Alliance have to end up professionals at making rubber band balls. Alliance is sponsoring a fellow rubber band ball fanatic, Will Love, simultaneously as he attempts to triumph over the arena document for the largest rubber band ball. You can look at Will’s progress on Instagram; search for @alliance_record. The report for the arena’s largest rubber band ball presently stands with Joel Waul and weighs nine 032. Will’s rubber band ball is growing through the day! Have you ever favoured to interrupt an international record?

What is the Purpose of a Rubber Band Ball?

You can have a rubber band ball or need to make one for many reasons. From sensible uses to pursuits, rubber bands are extraordinarily useful and amusing.

Here is a list of capabilities for a rubber band ball:

  • Store your rubber bands in a single smooth region
  • Make the maximum important rubber band ball
  • Make rubber band sculptures
  • Have a fab bouncy ball to play with
  • Use the rubber band ball as a fidget toy
  • Take up the interest of making rubber band balls
  • With many techniques to revel in using rubber bands, it’s correct to have them available, so you must make a rubber band ball each time you want.

How to Start a Rubber Band Ball Easily

Starting a rubber band ball is pretty easy, as we mentioned earlier. However, there are techniques for beginning your rubber band ball: the actual manner and the even much less hard way.

It subjects you to apprehend which one you’ll go with as it can additionally intently rely on the cause of your rubber band ball.

The Easy Way

The clean manner of starting a rubber band ball is finding yourself an object to create a strong centre. The centre of your ball serves as a base to maintain, craft, and make it big.

It can be made from anything spherical while using this technique of beginning a rubber band ball. Here are some incredible thoughts of devices that you could use as a centrepiece:

  • Bouncy ball
  • Ping Pong ball
  • Marble
  • Rock
  • Acorn
  • Crumpled paper
  • Crumpled Tin Foil

While some objects are a bit unconventional for starting a rubber band ball, they may be able to all characteristic a notable base. This makes your start very smooth and speedy.


  • a big bag of rubber bands (aff hyperlink)
  • scrap paper
  • All you want is a bag of rubber bands. You can usually discover them at a dollar shop or a workplace delivery shop. One huge bag will create dozens of rubber band balls.

Making a Rubber Band Ball

  • Wrap rubber bands across the centre. Start with rubber bands positioned in a crisis-pass form over the centre. Make positive they’re tightly secured. You must also curl and wrap them around the middle a few times.
    Please start with the smallest bands first, considering they’ll not be useful as quickly as your ball passes a fantastic duration.

  • Add extra rubber bands till the ball is straightforward. Keep wrapping rubber bands so that you shape a ball. Space the rubber bands lightly so that no character issue of the ball is bigger than any other. A ball without an item within the middle will start lumpy. However, it must grow to be clean by the time it reaches the size of a golf ball.[2]

  • Test the ball. Toss it in the air, or bounce it in opposition to the wall. Your new rubber band ball wants to have masses of spring. Enjoy it as is, or hold it together with more rubber bands and watch it increase.
    Get it to the scale of a tennis ball for the best jump.

  • Find all your rubber bands without price. Since rubber band balls are all approximately the project, why not make it tougher? Try increasing your ball without figuring out whether to buy any rubber bands. Here are a few places to search for them:
    Ask buddies and friends for spares.
    Ask postal personnel, newspaper transport people, and precise door-to-door delivery humans.
    Look in shoe stores, which can also use rubber bands to close the shoe containers.
  • Make a ball without twisting any rubber bands. If you no longer twist the rubber bands, they lie flat closer to each distinct, without room for air. This makes the densest, bounciest ball. The trick is finding every new rubber band exactly the proper duration, so there is no slack at the equal time as you loop it around the ball as quickly as possible.[3]
  • Make it large. Rubber band balls are incredibly dense, so after a wonderful factor, they will be too heavy to bounce without breaking a few things. After that, the task is to make it as large as viable. You may also even beat the arena record if you discover 700,000 rubber bands.[4]
    Once the ball is ready, the dimensions of a basketball are placed on safety goggles. Plenty of rubber bands will snap after this component, and you do not want them hitting your eyes.[5]
    Rubber bands decay over time. Your venture will need everyday reinforcement to prevent it from shrinking or breaking aside.[6]

  • Cut your vintage ball in half. Once you are given a basketball-sized rubber band ball, it will possibly take a seat down there inside the nook of your room, getting greyer and frayed. Want to get one very last second of fun? Saw it in 1/2 of and watched the insides emerge on their own, like a bizarre colony of worms.[7] If that description did not flip you off the hobby all the time, get available and begin growing!


  • camping
  • street trips
  • dark wintry climate afternoons
  • play dates with friends
  • lengthy appointments
  • and masses extra!

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