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how to make a video slow motion

Apple has constantly enhanced the iPhone’s slow-movement video function because the iPhone 5s series was first released in 2013. From the iPhone 5S to recent brand-new models, iPhones have helped their proprietors seize gradual-movement photographs of the past.

The iPhone’s slow-motion characteristic is surprising. You can take your films and slow them down all at the touch of your fingertip. It’s first-rate as it’s never been much less demanding to seize gradual-motion video. So, whether or not or not or not you’re trying to find to upload some “zing” to your movement pictures or need to feature a cinematic search for your subsequent project, gradual motion is the manner to head.


The slow motion impact is always applied in films when the movie maker wants to sluggish down the movement of a selected scene to area more emphasis on it. Commonly abbreviated as slow-mo or slo-mo, the gradual motion effect is regularly utilized statically; because of this, there may be no trade within the playback velocity of the sluggish motion collection. However, now and again, movie makers, without a doubt, gradually down the beginning and then accelerate the give up of the gradual motion scene to supply it returned as a whole lot as average pace. This effect is called a “pace ramp.”

Speed ramps artwork specifically properly in motion scenes, wherein they’ll be used to reveal rapid-paced visuals right into a slow motion scene to attention on a crucial moment earlier than permitting the motion to keep at everyday tempo. This helps you to take a specific moment from the movement and emphasize it in an atmospheric and visible manner that does not interrupt the waft of the film. Keep studying to research step-via-step the manner to without problems create the slow motion effect without and produce tempo ramps for added dynamics in your film.

How to Change Normal Speed Video to Slow Motion

If you’ve recorded a video on iPhone in regular velocity and need to turn it right into a sluggish-motion video, or if you couldn’t report a slow-movement video together with your iPhone, you could use a few 1/three-party apps to convert them to slow-movement films. Here, we suggest a few pace-converting apps for turning ordinary speed videos into slow-motion movies.


SloPro is a loose tool for developing iPhone slow-movement pics. Start recording right away and put up launching SLOPRO. Once you are executed, select the video from the library and tap the purple-colored edit button at the top proper nook. Next, spotlight the part of the video you prefer to sluggish down using the clip out and clip buttons. To set the sluggish movement alternatives, it’s far endorsed to pick out between 500fps and 1000fps. You can change the video gradually with 25%, 40%, or 50%.

Once organized, the faucet Render picked out the Optical Flow to get the exceptional parameters. Finally, preserve. So if you prefer SloPro, get the overall model inside the app. The video and percent it on the side of your pals on Facebook and YouTube.

The unfastened version of the SLOPRO incorporates a watermark that is genuinely a drawback. Get the whole model of the app to keep away from such issues.

Slow Motion Video Camera Extreme

The unfastened model of iPhone Slow Motion Camera Extreme offers 10 seconds of unfastened recording time at the side of watermark clippings. The paid version has no such restrictions. Although there aren’t masses modifying options to be had, you could pick out a video from Camera Roll or report an excessively high-quality video, sluggish the fee of the video with the resource of the use of 25%, 50% or seventy five% with the aid of using clicking on the 50% sign.

Click on the Music signal to add a tune for your iPhone’s sluggish movement video film. Once you whole enhancing, flip the percentage button and export the gradual movement video at once to the social networking systems to share it with your friends.

Do more than sluggish mo films.

Flex your creative muscle and use our online video-enhancing device to convey your storytelling to the following degree. Play your video in slow motion, then decorate it by experimenting with considered one-of-a-type transition patterns, using laugh filters, or finding the right tune that suits the mood you want to maintain. From highlighting an excellent sports sports sports second to showcasing your new product in motion, Canva makes it clean to edit slow movement and rework your snap shots from appropriate to high-quality.

Why you need to study reframing to a slow-motion video and a manner to do it

If you’re lowering the playback pace by greater than 50%, you could observe that your video is getting choppy. It occurs due to the truth the video body charge has dropped considerably. When you sluggish a video down with the aid of the method of 50%, the massive shape of frames in line with the second is 50% down as properly. In one-of-a-kind phrases, the pictures receive “stretched” in time. In this technique, there, at the moment, are gaps in most of the frames, which may create an undesirable stutter effect. To save you that, we advise using reframing.

Expand the rate settings menu by clicking the triangle-formed button to test reframing.

There are reframing modes to be had in VSDC: Blending and Optical glide. They are powered by using among-type algorithms and bring slightly considered one-of-a-kind consequences. Optical go together with the go with the flow is usually a better possibility that guarantees a splendidly easy sluggish-motion effect. The handiest reason you could not want to apply it is the lack of RAM in your PC. Optical go with the drift is based mainly on AI algorithms and calls for introduced laptop assets, so when you have a low-stop system, without a doubt, stay with Blending.

Adobe Express

Adobe Express online is a free and brief tool to slow down your movies without a watermark. The issuer is sincerely unfastened to use; you want to log in to the website using your Google account.

  1. Visit the Adobe Express internet site on a browser.
  2. Scroll a piece and click on the Change speed desire.
  3. In the ultra-cutting-edge popup, import your video record.
  4. Once imported, you can choose the predefined speeds and click Download.
  5. It will ask you to test in if you haven’t already; you could use your Google account for quick login.
  6. Once logged in, the internet website will start to method your video and automatically download it for your PC.


This locate offers 5 beneficial strategies to convert sluggish motion video to regular velocity and three techniques to convert video to gradual movement on Android/iOS/Windows. You can comply with clearly considered one of them to convert your slow motion into an average pace or flip video into gradual motion.

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