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How To Make Butter Slime

To make butter slime, make fluffy slime and then upload lotion and shaving foam to your glue before blending within the activator.

Butter Slime

We examined many special recipes for butter slime and found a maximum of them to be now not that stretchy. We virtually examined about 10 unique recipe variations before being satisfied with this butter slime recipe.

From all the recipes we tested, butter slime isn’t-could be more relaxed. We added water, toddler oil, and lotion to stretch it. If you do not need it to be stretchy and need it to be more of a moldable substance, you may pass those components. The reason it’s now not that stretchy is from the Model Magic – so adding lotion and oil assists in making the Model Magic stretchier and further pliable.

The butter slime might be the maximum stretchiest when you first make it. If it sits out too prolonged, the clay will start making it extra difficult, so we recommend sealing it in an airtight box to hold it even as it’s no longer in use.

This slime is undoubtedly clean to make and leaves little or no mess on your fingers because you mustn’t use any meal coloring. We like to apply colored Model Magic because of this. You gained’t end up with stained hands from having to color your glue with food coloring.

The Model Magic is also a laugh to play with; if you have extra, you may use it to show it into some factor else! If you hold the Model Magic sealed after use, you could use it like playdough, sculpt, and make various matters.

Butter Slime Recipe

Butter slime is the following step up in making slime. Once you have made and perfected important slime recipes, the following is a clean butter slime recipe. Made with easy additives, this stretchy butter slime is a laugh to make and could offer the kids hours of amusing playtime. My youngsters say it is much more amusing than everyday slime because of the texture.

ball of butter slime

It would help if you made butter slime in any shade you want. You can upload a laugh, such as beads or confetti, to characterize the laugh. Making slime is an amazing hobby with children of every age and is an exquisite era; look at what the children will love repeatedly doing.

This slime is simple to make simultaneously as you study the grade-by-grade commands I am sharing under. Moreover, we have blanketed all the tips to help you make the right butter slime.


  • five oz of Elmer’s glue (one bottle)
  • ¼ teaspoon borax powder (sodium tetraborate- may be positioned in the laundry phase of a store)
  • 1 cup heated water
  • meals coloring (non-compulsory)
  • glitter (non-compulsory)
  • shaving foam
  • lotion
  • modeling clay


  1. Pour ½ bottle or a complete bottle of glue into a bowl (counting on how masses slime you need to make) and mix with about ¼ cup of water.
  2. Mix ¼ teaspoon of borax powder into ½ cup of warm water in a separate bowl. Mix properly. This is called an activator because it makes the glue turn out to be slime!
  3. Add meal coloring if you love it, and then add shaving foam to the glue aggregate. The more shaving foam you upload, the fluffier your slime can be. Mix nicely.

4. Add your activator to the glue combination 1 teaspoon until you obtain your desired texture. Make sure to stir often. Be cautious no longer to characteristic an excessive amount of activator, or your slime becomes too employer!

5. After you have got activated your fluffy slime, knead to your modeling clay (or, for a fluffier texture- Crayola’s Model Magic).

6 Fun Ways To Play With Slime

  • Spread it with a knife
  • Poke and knead it together along with your palms
  • Stretch and pull it
  • Use your favored toys or poke-ins for fake play
  • Bury prevent the cease of straw inside the middle of the slime, pinch where the straw is and blow to make a bubble.
  • Make a bubble in conjunction with your arms by stretching the butter slime up and out, then briefly losing the top like a parachute (see video demonstration)

Warning: do not get near garb, blankets, or carpets.

But if you do…. Here’s our best elimination tip:

Grab a bit of slime and speedy use it to dab on the area until it comes off.

For a first-rate, but cool texture, blend 1 thing of butter slime into one detailed version of magic.

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How to preserve Butter Slime

Butter slime desires to be stored in an airtight field. When stored properly, it will last for about each week. You can also save it in a zipper-close plastic bag and squeeze the air out.

How do we know if the slime is overactivated?

When making slime, you need to use slime activators; for our recipe, we use saline answer (unique recipes for slime name for the use of borax or liquid starch; however, we favor using the saline solution for our slime recipes). If you add too much saline solution, your slime will be given from being slime need to be very rubbery and smash apart easily.

What shape of slime activator do you endorse?

We like to apply touch lens solutions in our slime recipes, as it’s so easy to use! We use Renu Advanced Formula via Bausch + Lomb (Renu Fresh proper here in Canada).

For the slime to activate, the contact lens answer you operate must have boric acid. Different manufacturers of touch lens answers can also have first-rate portions of boric acid in them, so in case you use a unique emblem, you could use a lot less or more contact solution for your slime.

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