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How To Make Candy Grapes

These Crack Grapes (Jolly Rancher Candied Grapes) are a fun snack for your youngsters for any event, but I love making the rainbow-colored grapes around St. Patrick’s Day and Easter! Colorful grapes dipped in candied syrup, then covered in traditional sweet flavors, are the hit of any schoolroom birthday party!!

How to Make Candy Grapes

Maybe you’ve visible this fashion on Pinterest or Tik Tok and were perplexed about what all of the hype became approximately. With simply one chew, you will also be screaming from the rooftop how brilliant these are.

I recommend it’s miles fruit, so it’s healthier than a candy bar for positive. Not pretty as suitable as right out of the bag; however, we gotta’ trade topics up even as you’re in the throws of mother lifestyles, right?? These little boxes aren’t best for making that jiggly deal with anymore.

We’ve used Jello to make our pistachio pudding ambrosia recipe, which is lovely for potlucks or holidays. But if you have a fish fry, these will, without a doubt, be a hit with every age. Here’s how you are making them…

Candied Grapes Recipe

First, you’ll need to attend until babies are in season. They’ll pop out like gangbusters in your produce section in spring and summer. How to tell if grapes are ripe is to touch them. You want them to be agency, any offer or clean enjoy, and they’re a no move. Typically they will be significant in duration, too; that’s a super sign.

Ripe inexperienced grapes will already be sweeter. That is what you want. I do love pink grapes. Too infamous; however, they aren’t ideal for coating grapes with Jello. I propose you indeed can, but the skins are more impregnable and a chunk more challenging, making the texture no longer delicious and not permitting the coating to paste as nicely.

How to Make Candied Grapes with Sugar

If you didn’t have the little containers at home and didn’t want to go to the shop, you could use granulated sugar. With this, you can taste the flavors of the fruit itself and no longer upload each specific. If you already got sweet cotton grapes at the store, I could advocate that, considering they’re so handy.

What are sweet grapes?

Some think those genetically modified quit produce flavors like cotton sweet. You could make them from “normal” ones from the shop even though which is probably natural or no longer in this manner. We will also show you how to make that taste despite the fact that below if you are stuck on making your own.

What flavors are nice for candied grapes?

  • Cotton sweet
  • Tropical punch
  • Grape
  • Caramel (taste like a caramel apple!)
  • Watermelon

Anything your coronary coronary heart dreams!!

I use the one’s candy taste oils which might be amazingly concentrated. You can organize them properly here on amazon or find them at Michaels and Hobby Lobby. They have such pretty flavor alternatives!! We used bubble gum for this batch; however, the fruity flavors are even better!


  • If you do not have a sweet thermometer, you can use a virtual meat thermometer as extended as it will look at as lots as three hundred stages F (148 tiers C).
  • To understand that your syrup has reached the problematic crack degree, use a spoon or spatula to drop the warm molten syrup into a bowl or cup of bloodless water. It has to shape complex threads that destroy and no longer bend.
  • To skip via the sweet coating way fast, at the identical time because the syrup is tender and achievable, you may region or more excellent grapes on each skewer to coat simultaneously.

Sensational crack grapes (candied grapes) are a fun project to make with the kids, easily included in sweet syrup and dipped in beaten Jolly Rancher candies!


Keep candy grapes in an airtight subject at room temperature, far away from any heat or cold property. This is how I typically shop my grapes for short-term use, and it’s far based totally upon the sweet kind that changed into used.

I tested my sweet grapes at room temperature, inside the fridge, and inside the freezer (all in airtight containers):

Room temperature: The rock candy-covered grapes did exquisite! The Jolly Rancher candy blanketed crack grapes had been gummy.

Refrigerated – Both sorts became out-appropriate. However, the rock candy-lined grapes were better and much less sticky.

Freezer: Not lousy; however, they had to be eaten pretty a lot as fast as thawed. The sweet coating on each looked pretty high after first-rate about hours of thawing.

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