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How To Make Disney Ears

There are several methods to make your individual DIY Disney Mickey ears for amusement to create a Disney marathon, for a Disney vacation, or as a give to your child’s dressing-up boxes. We’ll share five various methods (with illustrations) and a major time-saving trick to make your own Disney mice ears!

The Things You’ll Need

  • The glue gun and glue sticks
  • Fabric scissors
  • Xacto Knife
  • Sharpie Pen/Marker/Fabric Pencil
  • Headband
  • Fluffy Ear filler x 4
  • Bow Stiffener (optional)
  • Fabric to Ears
  • Fabric for Bows or a pre-made bow
  • Trim (optional)
  • A safe cutting surface
  • Pattern pieces

Get Your Materials Together and Decide Your Style

Make a list of all your components, and then choose what you want to design your ears. It is possible to create simple ears or extremely complicated ones! Start by creating a basic pattern before moving to more intricate ones after you have perfected your design. Regarding the fabrics, I’ve discovered that those with some stretch are more able to be pulled across the round ear edge more smoothly. Regarding bows, nearly any material can be used, whether stretched or not.

Create for Stiffen The Bow Fabric

Let’s begin with bows. I prefer using the felt piece or something similar to stiffening the bow to make it more comfortable to sit on. It’s not required. However, it could be necessary according to your bow material selection. I’m using silky polyester-like satin for this particular project. The stiffener helps keep the form. You’ll want something soft yet with some heft. The bow I’m using measures about six” to 16″. The stiffener measures approximately seven” and 5″. You can play around with these measurements to match your preferred bow size. Also, you will need a strip of bow material that measures roughly 2.5″ and 5″ to wrap around the middle to create that finished style.

Learn to Make Disney Mickey Ears Tips to Be Aware of

They aren’t easy to build, and that’s the reason why we purchase them directly at Disney or from independent vendors. However, I’ve created the ears myself. Disney mouse ears. I’ll inform you of two possibilities to design your own

Option 1: Purchase mouse ear-starters.

Mickey Mouse headphones are affordable and will help you save TimeTime. They come with a headband that can be covered or left.

Pros: This one is ideal for beginners or people who wish to engage their kids in creating their Disney Mickey Mouse ears. This is also great for making a straightforward Mickey Mouse ear headband or simply a simple Minnie Mouse ear headband.

Con: They’re different from the alternatives. If you want to create a lasting keepsake, take a different path.

Option 2: Use your earphones.

Below, I’ve listed five techniques to help you decide which will be most effective. You may already possess everything you need to create your DIY mouse ears right now! If you’re an expert craftsman and are okay with hot glue, you should get started with your craft.

Pro: They will last longer than the pre-made Ear openers.

Cons: You can try any alternative method if you do not own a strong-gauge wire for your floral arrangements. Each of these options takes more TimeTime and energy.

Mouse Ears Inspiring (Or If You Do Not Have the Time to make them)

For those who don’t consider themselves crafters, our group of friends was headed to Disney, and we’ll say that Laura doesn’t think herself a craftsperson. She bought these Ariel mouse ears for her daughter and the Chewbacca Mouse ears for her son. These are so beautifully made!

Lilo as well as Stitch Mickey Ears – This film is a cult favourite at our home, and there is a split in our family:

My absolute favourite, Lilo, as well as Stitch Mouse Ears

My daughter’s famous Mickey Ears for Lilo and Stitch

Ariel Mouse Ears (The Little Mermaid) The purple Ariel Mouse Ears are my favourite. However, you’ll have other options. Oh my god, this dinglehopper!

Star Wars Mouse Ears: There’s an ILLION of these available…

Leia Mouse Ears (Star Wars) I laughed and snorted laughing, and now I need a pair.

Chewbacca Mouse Ears. Choose these Chewbacca Disney Mickey ears with or without a centre bow (great for little males).

Different Methods for DIY Disney Mouse Ears

So, now we’ll go through the DIY Disney Mickey ears tutorials and a detailed breakdown of each technique. I’ve tried many different methods to this point, and these work. In the past, if you were planning to create a keepsake for your family, make sure you invest your TimeTime in a more durable construction.

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