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how to make downloads faster on pc

In this guide, we will discuss How to Increase the Speed of Downloads and examine various options to increase the speed of the Internet for Windows 10:

The performance of your network depends on the number of megabits of data downloaded or uploaded, usually called the speed of the Internet.

If your network is experiencing poor internet speeds, ISP (Internet Service Provider) is the cause of the problem. There could be other causes as well; among them could be glitches in the system that can cause a slowdown in the speed of downloading in Windows.

This article will look at various methods to increase the speed of downloads on your computer. The faster download speeds serve as a benefit to users as they are capable of avoiding the additional time lost because of slow download speed.

Windows Version used in this tutorial is Windows 10 Enterprise.

Hang The Bandwidth Limit in Windows 10

Windows 10 uses a certain amount of bandwidth to download the latest updates of Windows OS and apps. Windows OS and apps. If it is using excessive bandwidth, you can set the limit.

Launch Settings. Open the Settings app.
Click Update and Security.
Choose Advanced options on the left pane.

Scroll down until you can click Delivery Optimization.

Select Advanced options at the end.

You’ll find a slider that can be used to adjust both the Download and upload settings. You can set how much bandwidth Windows will use to complete its core tasks.

How can I increase my Download Speed?

After examining for problems with your connection to the Internet, Try these suggestions to speed up downloading in Windows 10:

Download only one thing at a. Each download is competing if you download several files from different devices (for example, your PC and game console) concurrently.

Use the Ethernet cable to connect or get closer to your router. If your computer comes with an Ethernet port, connect it directly to your modem. By bypassing the router, you can ensure the connection is stable. If this isn’t an option, take out any obstacles between your router and your computer and make sure they’re physically as close as possible.

Clean out temporary files. Your computer keeps temporary files to run programs that you typically employ to improve the performance of your computer; however, having too many temporary files could cause problems.

Switch to a different web browser. The default browser you are using may not be compatible with your connection, so it is recommended to download the file using another browser.

Disable your metered internet connection. If you’ve set your metered connection that limits the use of data, disable it to increase the download speed.

Shut off background apps. Apps running behind the scenes and connecting to the Internet may affect the speed of downloads, so turn off all apps that use up lots of bandwidth and resources.

Utilize download management. Some download managers allow you to download files from several sources simultaneously, allowing quicker download speeds.

Change the DNS server. Internet service providers (ISP) pick your DNS server of choice, but it does not always choose the most efficient one. Find out which one is the best fit for you.

Disable automatic Windows updates. Windows can download and install up-to-date OS updates on its own, so you must disable this feature to ensure that it doesn’t hinder your other downloads.

Modify the limit of the bandwidth. Windows reserves bandwidth to upgrade Microsoft applications and services. You can, however, alter the bandwidth limits by setting your preferences to prioritize downloading.

Make sure you upgrade your internet plan. The internet service you have is limited in connection speed. Contact your ISP to talk about switching to a speedier one.

Update this driver to download Faster

The next thing to do is ensure that you have the latest network drivers in place. This is how you can do it.

Click the search button in the search menu in the search option on your Windows PC and type ‘Device manager.
There, you’ll find the menu ‘Network adapters’ and locate an adapter for wifi (this typically has “wireless” or “wifi” in the name).
Click on it, right-click and choose “Update driver.” After that, you must select “Search automatically for the latest drivers.
It will update the wireless driver on your device and let you know when it’s done. You can also use Driver Genius to upgrade your drivers in one click.

Shut down any applications you’re not using.

If you’re downloading a large (or smaller) file, it’s helpful to quit any applications using up your bandwidth, particularly videos and games on the Internet.

A quick and easy method to close applications running in background mode is to use Task Manager.

Right-click the space of your taskbar and select Task Manager.

Click More details to look at all the programs running in your system.

Choose the app you wish to close, then select End Task.
If it does, check if it increases the download speed.

Clean Viruses and Malware from Your PC

Are you concerned over the sheer number of malware and viruses on your PC? Are you worried they could slow down your computer or create other issues? If yes, read on for helpful suggestions for removing malware and viruses to speed up downloading on your PC.

It’s crucial to be aware that not all viruses are harmful.

Many are simply software errors that are easily corrected with an update to your software. If you notice that viruses infect you, you can take various actions to clean your computer and safeguard yourself from further infection.

One of the most efficient methods of removing the virus is anti-virus software. These programs check your PC for viruses immediately after they’ve been installed and continue looking for new infections each day since it could affect the speed of downloads for your PC.

Transfer Game to Steam Game to SSD

You could also transfer your steam games onto SSD with some help. Here are the steps you should follow when you are looking to share your steam game with SSD:

Choose the game you want to move onto an SSD.
Select the game folder, then select properties to determine the storage space it will use.
Check that your SSD has enough space.
Copy and right-click the game.
Go to your SSD folder and navigate through Your Steam Game Library.
Copy the game to that area.
Take your time waiting for the process to be completed.
You can erase the game once it’s moved to the SSD.

Don’t allow downloads from other PCs.

Windows has a setting called Delivery Optimization, designed to increase the speed and quality of Windows updates, Microsoft Store app updates, and Xbox game downloads.

In this regard, the program, there’s a feature that lets you download not just the downloaded files from Microsoft however, but also from other computers that download identical files. The download is divided into components, and each is pulled from the most speedy and reliable source for downloads.

Although the motives for Delivery Optimization are valid, some users have reported that it slows games downloaded on the Xbox application. It’s therefore worthwhile to disable it to see if it helps:

Press the Windows keys + I to access Settings.
Select Update and Security.
From the menu left Choose Delivery Optimization from the left menu.
The slide allows downloads from other computers to go off.

A few users have also reported that turning this feature off enhances the speed of their downloads. If this feature is disabled, you can try turning it off and selecting computers on your local network and PCs connected to the Internet.

Stop Every Background Action Not Needed

Sometimes, the issue arises due to the background processes going alongside as you download your games. The speed will inevitably be slow when many things are happening simultaneously. It will help by stopping all operations that aren’t important.

Here’s a quick and easy method for this:

Launch your Task Manager. You can do this by pressing three keys at the same time Ctrl+Alt+Delete. Press Ctrl+Shift+Esc and open the taskbar.
You will be taken to a screen which will look as follows:
Use the Right-click button to close all unnecessary tasks. It would help if you ended all activities you know are slowing your download. It is possible to run them once the game is downloaded.
Stop all processes that utilize the Internet.

This is an excellent method to ensure that the downloads are faster than they usually are. It doesn’t speed up downloads, but it already improves the speed of downloading.


The tips above that I’ve mentioned can help you learn how to download files more quickly on your PC. They will save you lots of time and download your files smoothly. I highly recommend that you take these steps.

Are you bored of searching for the question, “How can I get games downloaded faster using steam? have put together a list of strategies to speed up your download speed.

If you are impressed by this article, share it with your family and friends to inform them about these tricks and speed up downloads.

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