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How To Make Fried Ice Cream

The ultimate Fried Ice Cream without the massive mess of frying! Creamy and delicious Vanilla ice cream is cut into small rounds and covered with the sauteed cinnamon, buttery cornflake topping. It is then finished off with caramel sauce or chocolate Talk about delicacy!

Easy Fried Ice Cream without the Deep Fry!

Some months back, I went to an area Mexican dining establishment for dinner. We ended with one of my favorite desserts: fried ice cream. While I sat in the restaurant, taking in each bite of its unique flavor, I thought about fried ice cream and wondered about the point of frying it if you were only cooking the coating.

There are people looking around and thinking, wait, that fried ice cream is fried with hot oils (no worries, this amazing fact shook me at one point as well). So, I decided to test the cheater’s version of fried ice cream.

This fried ice cream recipe offers everything the commercial recipe has to offer. However, it doesn’t have the hassles, long preparation times, or oily food waste that is the actual thing. I decided to cook (more than sautéing) in the coating of corn flake before rolling the ice cream into the layer.

Also, Butter is superior. Oil is an obvious choice! Butter has a better flavor, so I decided to use Butter to saute.

I’m hoping you get an opportunity to make this and especially if you’ve always had a hard time making ice cream that has been fried at home because of its cooking method. It’s a deliciously sweet and easy dessert!


Ingredients are necessary to make Ice cream.

Ice cream -I prefer vanilla ice cream. However, you can make any flavor. An ice cream that is of high quality and that is made from real dairy is the best choice.

Corn flakes: Make sure you buy unfrosted cornflakes. I strongly recommend cornflakes since they offer the most crunchy and crispy exterior.

Cinnamon – ground cinnamon imparts a beautiful sweet, toasty taste to desserts.

Eggs. The egg whites assist in making the cornflakes stick to the Ice cream. Keep the yolks of eggs and create my lemon bars!

Oil — I strongly recommend using a neutral fat for cooking the ice cream since you do not wish for the ice cream to be flavored by the oil.

This Is the BEST Homemade Fried Ice Cream!

I don’t know if any of you’ve ever had Fried Ice Cream before; however, if not, you must. Today is a good day to try it.

What is the best way to fry an ice cream? Also, is there anything wrong with a standard bowl of ice cream? My answer to that question: A) using cereal or crumbled cookies, and other is) none; however, fried ice cream is something else, and it’s worth trying to understand why fully!

To expand on the first response by a bit, the chunks of the ice cream are sprayed with egg and then wrapped into crushed cornflakes and vanilla cookies. They are then cooked for 20 seconds to seal the crisp shell! That’s quite much. Are you still here? I’ll check it out.

Ultimately, it will remain perfectly calm once you’ve finished cooking your ice cream. It’s also possible to decorate it with cherries, whip cream, or as you would with every other bowl of ice cream!

Can you tell me what I’m talking about when I say making this right now? Desserts such as this need immediate attention and a test of taste…

What is Fried Ice Cream?

Fried Ice Cream is a scoop of frozen cream dipped in crumbled cereal or cookie crumbles and then cooked into hot oils. The cereal and cookie mixture gets crispier and turns nice and golden brown as the ice cream inside is still solid and cold. This is a delicious treat that can transform your lifestyle! It could be your dessert menu for the following week.

Fried Ice Cream Ingredients

Cornflakes cereals – they are the classic crispy crunch. It would be best if you didn’t use a different variety of grain.

Butter is my favorite – I enjoy the balanced taste of salted Butter. However, unsalted Butter could work equally well.

Ground cinnamon is the best choice – don’t skimp on the cinnamon in this recipe because it’s the ingredient that makes it have that traditional, delicious flavor.

Vanilla Ice Cream: You’ll require nearly half a gallon. Tillamook’s vanilla flavor is a great alternative.

Additional toppings (chocolate sauce or caramel sauce, whipped cream, and cherries) (I’m not saying they aren’t mandatory, But are they? They are the perfect addition to the fried ice cream.

A demonstration of how to make fry Ice cream by rolling out a ball of ice cream inside an emulsion of cinnamon and Butter.

How to Make Fried Ice Cream the Easy Way

Crush cornflakes.

In a pan, melt Butter on medium-high.

Incorporate crushed cornflakes with cinnamon. Increase temperatures a bit.

Mixture cooks, stirring continuously until the mixture is golden brown and aromatic (color will intensify and start to smell toasty, and the corn flakes must appear crispy) for approximately 2 minutes.

Please remove the heat, put the mix in a shallow dish, and let it cool.

They were removing ice cream from the freezer. Scoop the ice cream, then form it into a ball using fresh hands.

Then, drop the shape ice cream ball in the cornflake mix and roll it around to coat.

Allow to set in the freezer for 10-15 minutes and Serve with the toppings you like.

Three fried ice cream balls were placed on white plates for dessert.

Can I Use a Different Flavor of Ice Cream?

Yes! What’s great about homemade Fried Ice Cream is that you can use the flavor of your choice. Would like. Be sure the taste of the ice cream complements the cinnamon flavor of the fried cornflake layer.

I like it if you can locate Huckleberry (no toppings are required, either). This isn’t the typical Mexican taste, but it does taste similar to a blueberry crumble!

Editor’s Note

We’ve determined the nutritional value of oils to fry based on retention at 10% after cooking. The amount of oil used will vary concerning cooking time and the temperature, density of ingredients, and the type of oil being used.

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