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How To Make Ginger Juice

This ginger juice recipe is refreshing and strong with the warming heat of ginger, tempered by a touch of sweet honey. Drink it in a shot to reap the health benefits, or mix it into drinks, other teas, juices, or drinks.

What’s the reason why you’ll want ginger juice? Recipe:

The spicy: Ginger has that natural spice. In terms of heat, it’s not really for a nice kick when you drink it.

It’s easy: You don’t need any juicer to make this drink, or the beverage made with ginger is ready in 5 minutes.

Easy Prep: Prepare the drink on Sunday, so you take it as a healthy drink every day during your week

What does GINGER taste like?

Ginger is a spicy flavor described as spicy, aromatic, or earthy. It can also be described as woody, earthy, or peppery, depending on your preference.

Ginger is most famous for its remarkable ability to neutralize other food items’ flavors and enhance ginger’s natural sweetness while neutralizing bitterness and sharp flavors.

It’s why ginger works well, along with the apple cider vinegar used for Good Girl Moonshine drinks!

In making juice from ginger, it’s recommended to utilize fresh ginger, not old ginger.

Old ginger makes the drinking ginger taste bitter and won’t produce the same amount of juice as fresh ginger.

How to Make Ginger Juice

Making your ginger juice is easy. It requires only three ingredients and can take up to 20 minutes. It’s simple to do using a blender or bullet and a food processor. Ginger juice can be served as a refreshing cold drink during hot summer days or as warm as ginger tea in cold winter.

It’s also great for mix-ins for cocktails, the sauce base, or cooking rice.

Here’s how:

Prepare and measure the ginger. Peel the skin of the ginger. If your ginger isn’t too dirty, you can clean it. Remove any hard parts, knobs, sharp pieces, or crevices that collect dirt.

The ginger can be cut into 1 to 2 pieces to make it easier for the blender to break it down.

The ginger pieces and water into a blender, along with sugar and lemon juice (if you are using them). Blend for 30-60 seconds until the ginger pieces are all gone.

Use a fine sieve or milk bag to separate the pulp. Your shot is now ready!

Here are some additional ingredients that are delicious using ginger juice:

  • Fresh herbs! Basil and mint, rosemary, and thyme taste great by consuming ginger juice. Begin making 2 cups of freshly cut herbs and enjoy the flavor. Lemongrass can also be a good addition.
  • Vanilla extract. Ginger and vanilla are a perfect match because vanilla is sweet and calming compared to ginger’s flamboyant heat! Begin with 1 teaspoon for one cup of juice from ginger.
  • Citrus juice. Lime juice, lemon juice, and orange juice can all be included in this dish.

The health benefits of ginger Juice

  • Reduces the symptoms of congestion and cold. Aaah. Every mom I know during my time in Cameroon knows the power of ginger for cold remedies. Ginger juice is warm and consumed thrice daily to ease the symptoms of cold and sore throats.
  • Improves Digestion. Contrary to sodas that make you bloated, ginger juice assists digestion. It boosts saliva production, which aids in moistening your food consumption, breaking it into smaller pieces.
  • Pain Reliever. You may have heard of this before. Ginger juice is known because of its properties to reduce inflammation. It also acts as a pain-relieving agent. Are you suffering from tooth pain? Put a bit of ginger on your cheeks and tooth to let your natural fluids take care of the problem. You could also apply the juice mixture of ginger and olive oil as a solution for back pain.
  • Controls high blood pressure. Numerous health articles and experts will claim that a chemical compound found in ginger reduces hypertension. It also aids in reducing bad cholesterol levels in your body, which is responsible for heart disease.


  • Once the juice is juiced, you can consume the juice straight up or add a little honey. Mixing it with other juices, such as this Easy Beetroot and Ginger Juice recipe, is also possible.
  • If you drink ginger juice straight from the bottle, it is recommended to drink approximately 30ml daily.
  • Be cautious when handling ginger. It could make your skin stained, so don’t rub your eyes while handling it.
  • If you use this blender method, you can simmer the juice until it has evaporated some water to develop a stronger taste (between 30-40 minutes typically). It will impact the nutritional value, however.
  • Choose coconut water instead of regular water in the blender method for extra flavor.

HOW to store

Store the freshly squeezed ginger juice in a large, airtight glass bottle kept in the refrigerator or smaller, shot-sized bottles.

This juice will only last for a couple of weeks in the refrigerator. The best method is to keep any extra juice in the freezer.

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