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How To Make Glass Bottles in Minecraft

Glass bottles are a product you can use to scoop up water and make a water bottle that you can utilize in the brewing process.

To create a Glass Bottle, you require Sand Blocks, and after that, you need a Furnace for making Glasses and an Art Table to complete the Glass Bottle. Follow these steps to create a glass bottle.

Sand Blocks

To create glass bottles, the first thing you’ll need is sand blocks. Find three sand blocks with an iron shovel. There are sand blocks in the vicinity of the sea or river water.

The Glass Bottles in Minecraft

Glass bottles are the most fundamental objects in Minecraft. They can store and transfer any liquids used within the game, except for the lava. Glass bottles can hold potions, water dragon’s breath, water, and honey. The Brewing Stand requires glass bottles to make potions to help you along your quest.

Although they are craftable, glass bottles found in Minecraft can drop naturally from fishing or Witches. Witches are at risk of falling the 0-6 potions they carry after being killed. The potion contents are emptied and are left with glass bottles. Glass bottles while fishing; however, chances are slimmer.

How do you create the Glass Bottle in Minecraft?

Players can construct the Glass Bottle with only one ingredient. Players will need Glass x3 to make a Glass Bottle.

Players can earn Glass by melting Sand in the Blast or Furnace the furnace.

Then, players need to arrange the Glass according to the method illustrated above to create Glass Bottles in Minecraft.


An example of a Glass Bottle in Minecraft might be used for:

  • They are collecting water to make a Portable Water Bottle in Minecraft. The players can fill it with the block or by using a dispenser.
  • Make and store the potions inside it.
  • To catch the clouds of purple that fall in the Ender Dragon breath.
  • The honey can be gathered from the beehives by using a glass Bottle.
  • It could also be used to make an empty cauldron.

Trading Glass Bottles with Villagers

It is believed that the Glass Bottle trades with Villagers can differ based on the version of Minecraft you’re playing. If you can locate the correct NPC and are lucky enough to find them, you will receive many Emeralds. For example, if you play the Java Edition, you have an opportunity of 66% to meet an Expert-level Cleric Villager who trades you one Emerald in exchange for nine Glass Bottles. Similar trade options are available in the same type of villagers in Bedrock Edition, although the option’s chances are 50%. Cleric Villagers are spotted wearing dark purple robes lined with yellow. They don’t even wear hats, and you can look at their cubic Villager head just like unemployed Villagers.

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