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How To Make Sea Moss Gel

When I posted my sea moss gel on Instagram and Facebook, you made it appear loud and clean, which you desired in the recipe! Grandma Barb referred to as and stated she turned into all out of her self-made sea moss gel, so ideal timing! Let’s make some sea moss gel, let’s!

What is Sea Moss?

Irish Sea moss, usually called Chondrus Crispus, is a form of pink algae close to the Atlantic shorelines of the Caribbean Islands, North America, and Europe. Sea moss has become increasingly famous because of Dr. Sebi’s teachings at the recovery homes of sea moss.

What are the advantages of sea moss gel?

Sea moss gel comprises ninety 102 vital amino acids needed throughout the human body. It promotes skin and hair fitness, fights irritation, and boosts the immune system. It’s anti-bacterial & anti-viral. We can all use that at this time. It increases libido (you decide if that’s a terrific or horrible detail), boosts energy, and replenishes vitamins and vitamins. It additionally facilitates the thyroid. You can study the benefits of sea moss here and right here.

Where do you purchase sea moss?

As you analyze sea moss and which to buy it from, you’ll run into many articles about real instead of fake sea moss. Everyone claims to have “the fine” sea moss!

You’ll observe sea moss being bleached with chemical substances instead of bleached through the solar, having too much shade and now not enough shade, and so forth.

It may be downright frustrating! Do your studies on carriers. I had been given burns by searching for sea moss from the Amazon, so be cautious. Not pronouncing that all Amazon sellers are promoting terrible-first rate sea moss, but do a chunk of research.

Thankfully, I didn’t enjoy any unwell aspect effects, apart from it not giving me the consequences I turned into used to.

I buy my sea moss from this save on Etsy. They have been typing and offering my readers 15 % off using code: Divassave15. So HURRY on over there because it sells out fast!


Consuming sea moss regulates your urge for meals and affects your metabolism sincerely. Irish moss facilitates the high-quality bacteria in our intestines to become useful resources in the digestive technique.

Red sea moss or pink seaweed can prevent weight gain by using way of lowering the frame’s fat absorption fee and selling fat breakdown and fat burning (Source)


Sea moss is a moisturizing agent for the scalp, including weight loss program A to increase sebum manufacturing.

Irish sea moss has vitamin E, which improves hair boom and might combat hair loss.

Sea moss is rich in iron contents and allows reduce iron deficiencies, one of the culprits behind hair loss problems.


Tired of that oily pores and pores and skin? The sea moss assists you too. Due to the excessive sulfur content of cloth, seaweed has anti-bacterial, anti-viral, and anti-microbial homes, making skin glow obviously by purifying it.

Due to sebum’s excessive manufacturing, sea moss is robust toward pimples and distinctive styles of pores and pores and skin situations.

How to Make Sea Moss Gel (Sea Moss Gel Recipe)

Once you have been given your soaked sea moss, remove the ocean moss from the liquid, and transfer it to an easy, dry plate. Do no longer discard the water because this water, which now incorporates masses of nutrients from the sea moss, will be used to make the gel. (If your water has masses of debris or is cloudy, discard it and use easy spring or alkaline water to make your sea moss gel.)

Add the sea moss to an immoderate-powered blender on the side of the water. Use 1 cup of water to start and upload extra depending on the consistency you would like your gel.
Blend until it is simple, about one to 1-three mins. Transfer the Sea Moss into an airtight field/mason jar, and refrigerate. The sea moss gel will thicken inside the refrigerator after 2 hours.


  • Be positive to buy whole/dried sea moss. This is “herbal,” “wildcrafted or “wild harvested.”
  • Keep the gel refrigerated generally.
  • Feel loose to freeze any sea moss into small ice cubes.
  • The gel has to final for as much as four weeks refrigerated. However, for max performance, use within three-4 days (this is my private opinion despite the reality!)
  • Only make what you need. It’s far ok to break the dried sea moss in half or quarters to make a small batch of gel.
  • Do NOT purchase subtle sea moss, i.E flakes or powder. This form of sea moss contains ZERO dietary rates.
  • Do NOT boil your sea moss; permit it to soak and grow in time.
  • Real sea moss must convey some debris with a slight sea odor.

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