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How To Make Siri Cuss

Each user of the brand new iPhone OS has wondered how to turn the stunning Siri into a pee-sucking frog to enjoy some fun and the “How to make Siri Curse like a Sailor’ video provides the steps on how you can do it.

This tutorial of just a minute is one of the tiniest collections of swear words I’ve ever heard or seen, and what makes it so funny is that it’s emanating from a phone—three ways one can force Siri to curse. Change the name of one within their iPhone to an array of curse words before asking Siri to read the owner’s name, which will make Siri read what’s there. Additionally, one could have someone text them using whatever language they like and have them ask Siri to interpret the text. Switching the title of a song into a curse word and soliciting Siri to play the tune will make the app repeat the title before starting to play. Thank you for sharing the How To Make Siri Curse Like a Sailor video -Happy cursing!

How to Filter Explicit Language for Siri and Dictation

Siri profanity FilterOffensive speech is something we’d prefer to stay clear of around our children or even young children generally. This is why Apple added the Siri language filter to prevent profanity. Although Siri and the dictation function on your iPhone are great in recognizing voice input often, there is a chance of miscommunication. It can be highly uncomfortable if Siri transforms your words into explicit language or indecent declarations. Naturally, we’d prefer to stay clear of this. Here’s how to block explicit language when speaking with Siri or using the voice recognition feature. Dictation feature.

You can enable the profanity filter for Siri & Dictation.

Settings – General – Restrictions – Siri

Start by opening “Settings” and tap “General” and then “Restrictions” to get to the list of restrictions that could be possible. If you’ve not activated the feature before, your iPhone will prompt you to enter the four-digit code when clicking “Enable Restrictions.” You’ll be asked to enter the code immediately if you or another person has set up this feature. We can get back if you need to remember the restriction code.

Could you find out how in our tutorial?

Tip: You may also restrict access to unwanted applications. Learn how to block applications by using Restrictions.

We will block the virtual assistant’s capabilities by changing it from “Siri” to “Siri” and then unchecking the “Explicit Language” option from the list of permitted features. This will prevent all voice inputs that result in swear words, vulgar or explicit words, or any other vulgar or explicit language.

Why Would You Want to Make Siri Cuss?

Every month, thousands of people browse the internet to find out how to get Siri angry. Besides getting mad, Siri will rap or beatbox for you as well. There are many Siri tricks and jokes that only occur on certain occasions. For instance, during Halloween, Siri can give you costume advice. If you’re looking for excellent or entertaining ways to talk to Siri, Here are the top 33 questions you can ask Siri (but do not expect Siri to scold you! It’s way too professional to do this).

There’s no competition here! It’s impossible to create Siri angry by using the names Cortana and Alexa. Siri is all about forming a band with other AI assistants. This could be a negative option if we’re concerned about robots becoming dominant.

Q: What is 0 / 0?

A: “Imagine having zero cookies and dividing them equally among your friends. What number of cookies does each person receive? This doesn’t seem to make sense. It’s also a sign that Cookie Monster is sad that there aren’t any cookies. And you’re sad you don’t have any friends.”

Ouch, Siri.

How to Get Siri to Rap & Beatbox

Make sure that the volume control is turned on for this issue.

Q. Siri, please rap me.

A: “Here’s one that’s like this and like that and like this.”

Siri continues to play and perform rap lyrics. The original plan was to use the lyrics of rap artists. However, the company has now expanded into providing Siri with original songs. Various answers and raps are available; check out what you can find!

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