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how to make someone a mod on twitch

There are numerous things to keep in mind when you stream on Twitch. When you’ve got your channel up and running and have a set timeline for streaming, graphics marketing and design, it is essential to consider hiring at least one moderator for a chat. Whether you’re just beginning or already a seasoned streamer, having an experienced “mod” to take care of chats will ensure your viewers are secure, and your channel’s general vibe is positive.

Although streaming can be optimistic, demeaning commenters could severely influence the streamer (and the streamer). You’ve likely seen or experienced Twitch chats that have gone off track as well, and it’s the streamer’s job, an individual in charge of the stream, to ensure peace, or at the very least, try to.

Why Make Someone a Mod on Twitch?

Like any other social network, Twitch is a positively-oriented activity. It’s an excellent opportunity to make new friends and discover new passions; however, occasionally, a few troublemakers may make the experience difficult for all. It’s wise to modify a trustworthy user on Twitch by giving the moderator rights so that they can keep an eye on chats when you’re playing the game streaming or doing other tasks.

This can be particularly beneficial if you’ve established a stream schedule and are working on improving your image because no one wishes to join an unwelcoming group. It’s a matter of seconds to set up too.

What can you do to get someone to become a moderator on Twitch?

Be sure you’re signed in to your Twitch account before you continue, and be active (streaming) via Twitch.

You can stream live via Twitch. Then, navigate to your channel and view the chat room that is streaming live.
In the chatbox for streaming in the chat box, type mod username, and then replace your username with the Mod’s Twitch username.

The sword icon on the Twitch username indicates that they are currently moderators. Make sure the moderator’s status has been applied correctly.
To remove (demote) the moderator’s role from a Twitch username, type the command”/unmold user” (replace username with username).

How to Create a Discord Channel for Your Mods?

When a streamer has reached the point of being famous and can create an open Discord channel for their entire audience and followers, they can talk to one another and form an online community through Discord. Discord chat. An additional chat in the Discord channel could be made for mods to converse with one another or even with the streamer in private.

However, you could create a Discord channel separate from Twitch specifically for mods. The first step is downloading Discord to your computer and creating a free account. How to accomplish all the other things:

Open Discord.

Click on the Channel pane, and then click anywhere.
Create a channel by clicking ”Create channel’. Then, click ”Create channel.

Add an appropriate name.

Decide whether you wish the Discord channel to function as an audio or text channel.

Create a channel by clicking ”Create channel’. Click ”

Additionally, toggle the “Private channel”‘ switch.

Go to the drop-down menu on the channel and then click “Invite People. Then click ”
The invite link will be sent to you, which you can print and email to anyone you’d like.

How to Mod Someone on Twitch With Mouse Commands

If you prefer using the mouse to turn someone into an administrator, you could accomplish this using another approach. This is how to go about it.

Get your stream started on Twitch.

You can invite the user you’d like to be a moderator to join your stream.

Select the username for the individual you wish to create a moderator.

Select the Mod [usernameclick the Mod [username].

There is now a moderator within the Twitch channel.

Moderator rights are assigned through the Twitch dashboard.

This gives you complete control of stream management and mode settings.

Go to Chat settings (gear icon) below the chat window when you are in the channel. In the settings menu, choose the ‘Roles Manager and then under Moderators, select “Add New. In the box, type the username of the user you want to make moderator and click Enter. After that, click the green checkmark; then, the user will be granted moderator rights.

The new moderator will be announced.

A practical introduction helps build the community’s environment and acknowledges the moderator’s new role.

When you’ve been given the moderator’s role, it’s a great idea to introduce the moderator on the chat and thank them for their hard work and assistance. It creates a positive community environment that clarifies the moderator’s responsibilities to viewers.


In your chat having someone moderating your chat on Twitch makes your stream more smooth and more fun for your viewers to connect with them. It can also increase the community’s interaction by using this. If you need help with how to begin streaming, you could learn how to engage with viewers most effectively. This is how you can get someone to become a mod on Twitch.

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