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How To Make The Squid Game Cookie

If you aren’t dwelling below a rock, you want to have heard about the new Netflix display that has become a sensation, Squid Game. Today we have shared the way to make the well-known Algona candy or Squid Game cookie just like prepared in Squid game at domestic.

How to Make Squid Game Cookie

The pastime is a horror drama set in a dystopian international in which contestants play youngsters’ video games, however, with a dark twist. One scene was mainly lengthy, and long past viral, and people were talking about it. It’s about the Squid Game cookie challenge.

The scene is violent and gory in nature, so it created a pretty stir. But it made human beings curious approximately the cookie with a form within the centre.

The contestants had to break through the shape without breaking it. If they did it, they’d win. If they didn’t, nicely, that may be a difficult conversation that I’m no longer gonna have any time fast.

The Squid Game cookie, in fact, isn’t a cookie in any respect. It is, without a doubt, a Korean sugar sponge sweet and is a famous candy in South Korea known as Dalgona Candy.

Remember the viral Dalgona espresso fashion that is wherein the coffee has been given its call. It’s due to the reality the espresso resembled this sweet. This Algona candy isn’t one bit tough to make.

In truth, you want as few as factors to make it. If you are a fan of the show or simply need to observe the viral style, proper right here, I will display to you a manner to make the Squid Game cookie. But before you have a look at the whole recipe, take a look at our unique dishes from the sweet phase of our weblog.


Dalgona candy is Korean candy, which became a famous avenue meal in the Nineteen Seventies and 80s. It stays offered and eaten in South Korea as an ‘unfashionable’ sweet.

You may additionally bear in mind the word ‘Algona’ from an earlier TikTok fashion: Algona espresso! The Korean word dalguna (달고나) the way a few issues like “it’s sweet”. In Korea, in addition, they use the phrase ppopgi (뽑기) for this sweet.

Ppopgi is, without a doubt, the call of the game. Similar to the game in Squid Game, children used to try to carve the shape out. Street organizations once in a while provided prizes (for instance, toys) to kids who had cut the mould well.


Dalgona sweet is a form of honeycomb toffee, caramel-like candy. There are many greater nations and cultures that make this type of candy. Other versions encompass hokey pokey, sponge toffee (or sponge candy), and cinder toffee.

Gather the components

Sugar and baking soda on a lowering board with cookie cutters.
In order to make the Squid Game Dalgona Candy, you want true substances:

White granulated sugar
Baking soda
Three Squid Game Dalgona Candies on a white plate.

There is a Dalgona Candy making Kit that you should buy, too, if you want. But that is truly non-obligatory.

How to Make Dalgona Candy from Squid Game

To make this sweet, you want some kind of object to press it down. The Dalgona sweet package comes with a press. But you can sincerely use some issues just like the all-over again of a cake pan; that is what I do.

Spray the lowest of the pan with cooking spray. Then wipe most of it off with a paper towel. The cooking spray will help preserve the sweet from sticking even as it’s miles pressed down. Although, maximum probably you will have that show as plenty as you a few times at the same time as looking for to make the ones.

Pouring sugar onto a small skillet.

Take a small skillet and upload it to your burner. Set the warmth to between medium-low and medium. On my oven, the three or four putting works perfectly. Allow the pan to warm temperature up a piece.

Then add all the sugar to the centre of the pan. Traditionally a few forms of a steel ladle might be used over a burner, but a small pan works super too.

Now you want to stir the sugar and maintain stirring, so it doesn’t burn.

Melted sugar in a pan

Eventually, the sugar will melt and emerge as a nice amber colour. It doesn’t take very prolonged; from start to finish, you may make this candy in about five minutes.

Once definitely melted, eliminate the pan from the warmth.


In order to make Algona, made famous within the US by way of Squid Game, stir the sugar over medium warmth till it’s far actually dissolved. Then upload the most effective pinch of baking soda and stir all once more till, in reality, blended and liquified.

Grab a baking sheet and create the shape you’d like on your sweet cookie. You can use a cookie cutter to help mould the circle or just eye it by hand.

As the sugar is hardening, gently press a form into the centre of your cope. Do not put a whole lot of stress whilst forming your layout, as it will crack your candy.

During Episode three, The Man with the Umbrella, we noticed four shapes being used: circle, triangle, umbrella, and big call. Press a smaller cookie cutter shape of your preference into the middle of the wafer-like substance and create an imprint of the design.

How To Play The Game

In order to play the game much like the one only seen on Netflix, you may want a needle and a hard floor like a tin lid to rest your candy on. Players will need to apply their needles to split the layout determined in the middle of the wafer that has been carved without breaking the format. If they damage the actual shape in any way, they lose.
This is an activity that takes an entire lot of persistence. If you’re a fan of the display, we observed Seong Gi-hun use saliva to assist in softening the wafer, and Han Mi-Nyeo uses a hearth to assist with artwork via the sugar substance. Decide whether or not or not the ones with more accessories are allowed or if patience can be your most effective superb buddy.

Obviously, losing at an equal time, as in the Squid Game, is lots unique than playing amongst your friends. Decide what the results may be, and function fun!


  • Get all your substances and components prepared before making the recipe.
  • We advocate using a metallic soup spoon and a timber chopstick. Alternatively, you can moreover use a small pan with a wooden spoon.
  • Use medium to low heat for this Algona candy recipe due to the fact whilst sugar melts, it additionally burns properly away. Using a ladle makes it clean to preserve the sugar farther away or towards the range.
  • DO NOT permit the sugar burn.
  • Be affected individual with the caramelization; however, the artwork is speedy at the same time as adding baking soda!
  • Let the aggregate cool for 15-20 seconds before urgent a mould. Otherwise, your mould can be stuck.
  • Use a ‘stamping’ method to softly press into the Algona sweet sometimes (now not too deep without delay); in any other case, your cutter also can stick.
  • Do no longer press your cutter too overdue into the honeycomb because it will harden fast.
  • Let the Algona candy/honeycomb cool absolutely in advance before removing it from the baking paper.

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