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How To Make Velveeta Cheese Sauce

This ultra-creamy Velveeta cheese sauce tastes terrific on the whole thing! Made with five clean materials and prepared in 15 mins, the clean cheese sauce recipe is suitable for pasta, dipping, and topping your selected materials!


Velveeta is a brand of processed cheese that was first added in 1918. It is made from milk, whey, and vegetable oil and has a clean, creamy texture. So, is Velveeta cheese? Not precisely, due to the truth, actual cheese isn’t made with vegetable oil. But it does taste tremendous!

Velveeta cheese is excellent for making cheese sauces; it melts fast and flippantly. This makes it perfect for growing a smooth, creamy cheese sauce like this one!

Plus, this cheese is gluten-free so anybody can enjoy it!

This cheese sauce is excellent for dipping your preferred components or topping your selected recipes!

You’ll also love this sauce on pasta dishes, and you could even use it as the correct Super Bowl food! It’s also notable on nachos, pizza, and the proper cheese sauce for smoked mac and cheese!


  • sixteen ounce Velveeta cheese
  • five oz. Diced tomatoes with chilies (approximately half of a can), tired
  • 1/four cup milk, plus more if wanted
  • 2 teaspoons cumin
  • 1 teaspoon garlic powder
  • 1 teaspoon warm Mexican chili powder 


Melt butter in a small saucepan. Remove from heat. Blend in flour until easy. Gradually upload milk. Return to low warmth, stirring continuously, till starting to boil. Add cubed cheese and preserve to stir until cheese is melted. Remove from warmness. Add salt, sugar, and pepper. Pour over cooked vegetables preceding serving. Sprinkle with paprika

Steam broccoli or cauliflower for 15 min

How to Make Velveeta Cheese Sauce

 All you want are the substances above and 15 minutes of your day. Here’s how you are making it:


Heat a massive pot or Dutch oven over medium/excessive warmth, and upload butter. When the butter is melted, upload flour and whisk until the butter and flour shape a crumble or paste.


Slowly add milk to the pot, whisking continuously. Whisk the roux over medium/immoderate warmness until the roux thickens.


When the roux is thick, dispose of it from warmth, upload the Velveeta, and whisk until the cheese has melted.


Add granulated garlic, hot sauce, and salt and pepper to the cheese sauce and blend properly.


Serve the Velveeta cheese sauce with tortilla chips, veggies, or cooked pasta.

How to Serve Velveeta Cheese Sauce

I love this Velveeta sauce and need to mix subjects up. Here are a few minds on the way to repurpose this sauce for some component apart from our Velveeta mac and cheese:

Burgers & Sandwiches: how top-notch ought this Velveeta cheese sauce be on the pinnacle of a burger or sandwich?! I’m drooling.

Chili Mac and Cheese: blend this cheese sauce with 1 lb. Of noodles and a batch of homemade pork chili for some chili mac! Check out our sister internet site’s Chili Mac and Cheese recipe!

Dip: as soon as I dip, you dip, we dip.


You can p.C. This cheese dip or any of your favorite dips right right right into a lidded sauce place.

These small storage boxes have leak-resistant lids, making them first-rate for dressings, yogurts, BBQ sauce, hummus, or your desired route combo. They’re additionally dishwasher-steady and ideal for the lunchbox.

Looking for additional family-favorite recipes you can percent into the lunchbox? Check out the one hundred and one Packed Lunch Ideas. Everything from strength bowls, pasta, soup, and of the route, epic sandwiches.


Milk: Using whole milk makes for the creamiest sauce. However, 2 percent works well, too.

Cornstarch: If you need a gluten-loose replacement for cornstarch, arrowroot is an exquisite desire.

Chili pepper paste: We are handiest a pinch for spiciness. Feel free to leave it out if you are serving kids or don’t like notably spiced food. If you need a replacement, floor cayenne pepper is a first-rate one.

Velveeta: We make this cheese sauce with Velveeta unique taste that is to be had in a 2-pound loaf/block. If you want to switch the flavor up, maintain in mind using one of the unique Velveeta cheese flavors.

Helpful hints

Whisk well: Make positive to continuously whisk the equal time as you warm the milk so the cornstarch doesn’t clump.

Adjust the spices: Feel loose to adjust the seasonings to your liking if you aren’t keen on a particular herb or rather pass over the new sauce.

Pasta: If you have to serve this recipe as pasta sauce, put together dinner the pasta while you put together the sauce. In this manner, the noodles and cheese sauce are geared up simultaneously.

Cover with plastic wrap: Since it’s made with milk and cornstarch, this nacho cheese sauce will form pores, pores, and skin after some time. If you advocate serving the sauce later, press a chunk of plastic wrap (draw close movie) immediately onto the surface of the sauce. This will save your skin from forming.

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