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How To Make Worm Food In Terraria

In Terraria it is possible to find certain items and bosses only available in certain biomes, and Corruption isn’t an exclusion. Together with its Crimson version it also has many aspects of the game which can only be played within these biomes.

A few of these items are simpler to acquire than others, and some bosses are more difficult to defeat in comparison to others.

The Worm Food is an instance of a food item that’s quite easy to get yet can be a vital element of your journey. This is why it’s crucial to learn how to prepare Worm Food in Terraria, and we’ll teach you how to do it in this tutorial.

What are the uses of Worm Food? to Treat?

Similar to Voodoo Doll Worm Food is used to create a boss, that of the Eater of Worlds.

Sawning on the Eater of Worlds is easy. It is necessary to be involved in a corrupted state at all times during the day (knowing the tricks to get it evening is not as crucial as it’s for other bosses) and carry a hammer, explosives or Worm Food on hand.

In the event of destroying three Shadow Orbs found in the underground Corruption will result in an Eater of Worlds. Note the fact that Shadow Orbs represent a limited source of energy. To eliminate these Shadow Orbs, you must make use of any explosive or hammer. Alternately employing Worm Food to start The Eater of Worlds is much easier and may be repeated as often as you want if you have the necessary materials.

What is the location of the Dryad Store located?

There are certain achievements that you must achieve before being in a position to locate the Dryad for you to buy from. If you’ve got an empty home and you have beaten or both the Eye of Cthulhu, Brain of Cthulhu or Skeletron Lepus or an alternative Eater of Worlds that will appear in the forest. A vile powder of the Dryad is a silver coin. Therefore, you require 30 coins if you have to buy all the vile powders needed.

Where can I find the Eater of Souls, corruptors and devourers?

The most effective place to locate the Eaters of Souls, as well as Corruptors and the Devourers of Terraria, is located in The Corruption. Each of them appears randomly. Eater of Souls originates from Ebonstone, Corrupt grass, Purple Ice, Ebonsand (hardened or not) and Ebonsandstone and comes in three different dimensions. Corruptors are an enemy that can only be encountered in Hardmode. Devourers are monsters that go out at nighttime to fight or at any point if sufficiently deep into the valleys.

After you’ve got all the necessary ingredients, you need to find the Demon Altar or a Crimson Altar. These are stations for crafting that appear randomly in the world. They can’t be constructed. Be sure that your altar is located inside the Corruption and the Eater of Worlds cannot be created if the altar is not there. The only thing left to do is attempt to survive the battle and collect your supplies when you win the fight.

How to Defeat the Foodie of the Worlds

The Eater of Worlds is a massive multi-segmented monster, which means trying to avoid it could be a difficult task. So, proper training is required to mitigate the additional injury caused by not being able to dodge.

Given that, there’s typically a big underground cave within the Corruption, only a small amount of block breaking is usually needed. It is, however, best practice to carry explosives in the Corruption caves to make sure that the maximum room is created (since Ebonstone blocks are not able to be mined using a prior-hard mode pickaxe).

After you’ve cleared the space using explosives, it’s recommended to build numerous layers of platforms covering the entire area of the created space. The vertical distance between layers of platforms must be at least 4 or five tiles, which is low enough to be able to jump off of by default.

Create your arena for boss battles on the platform by ensuring that there are campfires, as well as heart lanterns, dotted all over. These can aid with your regeneration of health. Additionally and especially when you’re playing with the mage set-up by placing Stars inside bottles will boost the regeneration of mana.

Always have at least one stack of the best healing potion – and also have your potions tied to an e-mail. Possessions that are bound to a hotkey can be crucial as it permits quick usage from almost anywhere without the need to open your inventory and then do everything manually during combat.

If you’re a magician be sure to keep a stash of mana potions that are the best available for you.

It’s also worth noting that if one segment dies, the segments in front and behind will join into the new worm that includes a head and tail. Remember to focus your efforts on the head of other worms, as they cause the greatest damage but also offer the weakest defence.

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