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How to manage subscriptions on google play

The Google Play Store is an essential component of the experience offered on desirable Android phones like Samsung Galaxy, Google Pixel and OnePlus. Samsung Galaxy, Google Pixel and OnePlus. Google provides a variety of applications and content that are all accessible through the Play Store, which makes it easy to fall in love with.

Today, a majority of material is available for subscription. There are, however, some restrictions. There is no way to cancel subscriptions purchased via the Play Store initially but not those only available with your Android phone and then activated from another source. In other words, if you’re using Spotify on your Android phone but didn’t purchase it via the Play Store, then you’re not able to end it in this manner. When you sign in to Disney Plus through the Play Store,e, it is possible to manage your subscription on the Play Store.

Managing Subscriptions

Launch the Google Play Store: Launch the Google Play Store app.

Click on the account you have created in the upper-right corner.

Subscriptions: Choose “Payments and Subscriptions” from the menu to review and manage your subscriptions.

Modify or cancel your subscription. Here, you can cancel or modify subscriptions, alter payment options, or change renewal options.

Unsubscribe from a Google Play subscription Google Play app.

Be aware that uninstalling the app won’t cancel your account.

For your Android smartphone or tablet, Open the Google Play Store. Google Play Store.

Verify that you’re logged into the correct Google Account.

Tap Menu > Subscriptions.

Select the plan you’d like to end.

Tap Cancel subscription.

Follow the directions given.

How to Cancel a Subscription in Google Play on a PC

Connecting to Google Play via a browser is necessary if you are together on a computer. Below are the steps needed for getting started:

Start your browser, and then navigate towards the Play Store site.

Make sure you’re signed into the correct Google Account.

Click “My Subscription”; it’s to the left of the screen.

Choose which subscription you would like to cancel.

Choose “Manage,” then “Cancel Subscription.”

The confirmation screen will appear. You can choose “Yes.”


When you delete an application from Google Play, and there’s an existing subscription for that app, then the subscription will be automatically cancelled. Any future subscriptions that you make from the app will be cancelled.

If you choose to end a Play Pass subscription, you’ll be denied access to the following.

In-app purchases

Paid games and apps

Experience without ads

Can You Get a Refund for Canceled Google Subscriptions?

It is possible to get a reimbursement for certain Google purchases based on the Google Play refund policy. In the following paragraphs, you will learn more about situations where you could be eligible for a refund.

Purchases made by accident–If your relative or friend makes an unintentional purchase with the device or account and cannot get an immediate refund, provided you remove the subscription app within a few minutes of having purchased it.

Google Play purchases are not made by yourself or a friend whom you trust. That appears on your statement from your credit card, or you need to familiarize yourself with a different payment method. You should report any unauthorized transactions to your payment method within 120 days.

How do I change my payment method for a Google Play Store subscription?

Yes. You can upgrade to a new Play Store subscription from the subscriptions section. Click on the subscription, then choose Edit > Manage.

What happens if I decide to cancel Google PlayPass?

The in-app purchases or paid applications and subscriptions will be deleted if you unsubscribe from PlayPass. In addition, you’ll begin receiving ads within apps, in which advertisements are eliminated for PlayPass users.

What happens if the application I’m a subscriber to is deleted from Google Play?

If you have an account for a game that has been taken off Google Play, Google will automatically cancel your next subscription. You can’t, however, claim a reimbursement for old subscriptions (unless it is in line with one of the exclusions mentioned in Google Play’s policy on refunds)

What happens when I decide to cancel the Google Play subscription?

If you choose to end the Google Play subscription, you can use the subscription until the date you’ve paid. In other words, if you bought a month-long membership on January 1 but then chose to cancel it at the end of January, you’re still in a position to continue using the service through January 1.


There are always applications you’ll need to join because they come with useful features which you’ll need. By keeping those subscriptions under control, you’ll be making sure you’re not spending money on subscriptions you no longer need and then forgetting to end the subscription. This guide’s steps help you figure out what to do about cancelling those undesirable subscriptions. Also, you can update your payment details and be aware of when the next renewal date will be. This way, you’ll be able to include the date in your calendar and remind yourself to cancel the subscription before your payment date.

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