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How To Mark Text Messages As Unread On Iphone?

We can all agree that the most effective method of ignoring someone is to make their email or message unread. Many people erase the notice and don’t read the news in any way. People may accidentally open the message and wonder how they could do something. In this guide, we’ll try to help those with this problem understand how to mark messages as not read on the iPhone. In the future, if you accidentally open a message and don’t want the person who sent it to know, you can apply these techniques and ensure your security.

We’ve longed for this day for a long time. Apple announced on their website yesterday that the latest OS version available for iPhone as well as iPad, iOS 16, will come with a variety of features which are geared towards mothers all over the world. This autumn, you’ll be able to mark messages as not read, as well as the Option to edit text and delete messages for up 15 minutes.

How can I get a text to appear as read?

There isn’t a single method that can be used to display text as unread. One way is to develop an individual keyboard shortcut that marks the text selected as not read. Another option is to install an extension or app that automatically keeps any new text messages or emails or any other notifications as not being read.

How Do You Mark a Text as Unread on iPhone?

If you’ve accidentally deleted an SMS message and want to send it, it’s easy to mark it as not read on your iPhone. For iOS 11 and up, this feature is built within the handset. However, older versions require manually marking the message as not read. Learn how to do this. Here are some steps you can follow to help make the process simple.

To mark the message as not read on iPhone, you must open it and then swipe left. There are flag icons in the lower-right corner. Opening the email and tapping on the flag icon at the bottom-left area is also possible to label it as not read. You can also erase the message not read through in the Messages app and then swipe left over the news.

How can I note that a message is not read on my mobile?

On an iPhone, To mark messages as unread open the message, then swipe to the left of the conversation. The red “Unread” banner will appear.

How Can You Delete Unread Text Messages from your iPhone?

If you have messages that are not read stored on your iPhone and would like to delete the messages, follow these actions to delete them from your iPhone:

  1. Start your Messages application.
  2. Swipe to leave the message highlighted by the blue dot as illustrated below.
  3. Click on the Delete icon.

Why does my iPhone say I have not read messages, but I don’t?

There are several reasons your iPhone may say that there are messages unread, even though there aren’t any. Another possibility could be that notifications in the notification area haven’t been read yet. A different option could be that there are emails in your inbox you haven’t even read yet.

How Can I Read a Message Without It Being Seen?

If you’d like to read a message in the chat but don’t wish to label it as read by others, follow these steps to mark the text as not read on your iPhone:

  1. Launch the Messages application.

Access the Messages app on the Home screen. to mark a text message as unread on an iPhone

  1. Find the message you want to read. Hold and tap it in the list of chat messages.

A chat window will grow. It allows you to get the message across without opening the chat window.

How to Mark WhatsApp Chats Unread

  • Open the WhatsApp application on your phone.
  • You can mark an unread chat as read by pressing it for a long time.
  • You can mark several conversations unread simultaneously If you wish.
  • Once you’ve selected your contacts, After you’ve selected them, tap three dots at the upper right corner, and then choose Mark as not read.
  • Tap the following icon that appears as three dots on the upper right-hand part of the display to make the selection.
  • Choose the ‘Mark as reading Option.

If you opt for this Option, then the chosen conversation(s) are highlighted by a green dot, and chats that have not been read are included in the chats count that is not read.

How can you mark the text message as not read

The setting of a message to appear unread can be an excellent reminder to return and revisit it. If you want to mark an email as not read, hold the message within the Inbox and select Mark Unread in the Context menu that opens.

Google messages are marked as not read.

If you are a Chat user, it may be beneficial to mark messages as unread to revisit later. A thread could be unread from an individual message, both in one-to-one or group DMs. This can be done by hovering the cursor over the text and pressing the button that says unread.


In this article, we have discovered ways to turn off a read message by the iPhone. In addition, we have also suggested an app to backup users always to make backups of their devices when required. We hope this article will assist you in marking the read message as unread. If you have suggestions for tweaks which could also prove helpful, please leave a comment and be sure to share your knowledge with the world.

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