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how to mirror android to mac

Occasionally, we may want to reflect our pc show to another computer or cellular phone. For instance, you could want to apply for one show as a reference and do your actual paintings within the distinct, or like to offer some artwork to different humans inside the room to facilitate discussion higher. In a previous manual, we showed how you could replicate or increase PC show to mobile smartphones or tablets using Deskreen. Today, we can discuss how to do it on a Mac.

Go to download Deskreen onto your Mac from this link. Since this display-sharing app requires display screen recording permission on your Mac, you need to first of all head to System Preference >> Security & Privacy >> Privacy >> Screen Recording to deliver this permission to Deskreen. Hit the lock icon at the lowest left nook, enter your Mac password, so you can make modifications, and click on to pick out Deskreen inside the app listing to permit it to file your Mac show display.

Why Should You Mirror Android to Your PC?

Why may you need to reflect your Android display to a PC? There are masses of reasons. You are probably an app developer and need to test your code’s consequences even now, not having to continuously attain on your smartphone. You may want to percent photos on a large display screen without importing them. Or you can provide a presentation quickly while a projector is hooked to your PC.

As you can find out, the fastest and most straightforward manner calls for no setup on your mobile phone and smooth software for your laptop.

How to reflect/stable Android display to Mac

If you do not have a TV with Chromecast beneficial resource, you can mirror/solid Android screen to Mac with the assistance of X-Mirage.

Follow the underneath steps to mirror/substantial Android screen to Mac.

1. Download and install X-Mirage to your Mac. Please ensure your Mac and Android gadgets are on the same wifi network.

2. Swipe down from the top of your Android tool to reveal the Quick Settings panel.

Three. Look for and pick a button categorized as Cast.

4. A list of Chromecast gadgets in your network will show up. Choose your Mac.

5. Your Android show display screen will seem on the Mac.

How to Mirror Android to Mac Using Reflector

The Reflector is a wireless but green software program for Android and iOS that shows display mirroring. This software program application is to be had for loads of streaming devices like AirPlay, Chromecast, Miracast, and so forth to get an excellent experience.

Note: You can download and use Reflector free for 7 days, then you can buy it from its web websites—no “controlling Android from Mac” function.

You must follow the following steps to reflect Android to Mac using Reflector.

Download Reflector on your Mac. Launch the software program, and connect each Android and Mac with the same wifi community.

Now, scroll down the fast settings panel and choose the screencast alternative for your Android device. Different devices have an excellent names, like Smart View on Samsung and Cast on Google telephones.

After that, you will see all the wireless devices to display mirrors. Select your Mac from that list.

Congratulations, you’ve got were given an efficaciously contemplated Android tool. Now, your Android may be seen on your Mac properly.


Vysor is a laptop Chrome app on all fundamental strolling structures that permits you to view, manipulate, and navigate your Android mobile phone on your laptop. You can use and open all apps installed on your Android phones, including video games and considered one-of-a-kind social media apps. Check the stairs below to discover ways to replicate Android to Mac.

Go to Google Play Store and install Vysor on your Android cellphone.

Launch Chrome browser on your Mac, and preserve to the Chrome internet to install Vysor. Launch it after installation.

Connect your Android to your Mac via a USB cable, click on FindDevice to your Vysors interface on your Mac, and appear in advance to the app to recognize your Android smartphone. Lastly, click on the name of your Android device, then click Select to start casting your Android phone in your Mac.


This USB connectivity approach can cover display screen mirroring without any setup of an application. With resources during all essential running systems, Scrcpy introduces you to an outstanding latency charge of an insignificant 35 to 70 ms. With this overall performance, this platform is considered quite an opportunity for show display mirroring. Along with this, its miles are free of cost with different features, report sharing, resolution adjustment, and display recording.

With no installation, Scrcpy additionally gives a secure platform for display mirroring. The number one and handiest drawback that would exist inside the use of Scrcpy is the technical statistics of the command activation that might make it arduous for several customers to install the platform. However, to make it clean and inexperienced to cowl, the thing covers the simple steps of putting in vicinity Scrcpy and effectively mirroring your Android to the Mac.

Step 1: You must permit the USB Debugging settings from the Developer Options in your Android tool.

Step 2: Following this, take in your Mac and get the right of entry to the “Terminal” from the Spotlight on the device.

Step three: Look throughout the following photo to enter the command for putting in ‘Homebrew’ throughout your Mac.

Step four: After a long time, you need to move into the command “brew cask installation android-platform-device” for putting in the Android ADB gear throughout your Mac.

Step five: Following this, enter “brew set up scrappy” in your Mac command line and continue to install Scrcpy on your Mac.

Step 6: Connect your Android device through a USB cable and verify all USB Debugging options in your smartphone to provoke show mirroring in your Android.

Step 7: Type in “script” on the Terminal of your Mac to expose your display screen mirroring.

On non-Samsung gadgets (Google Pixel and lots of others.), telephones, and capsules:

Step 1

Swipe down instances from the top of the display to open the extended view of the Quick Settings tray.

Step 2

Tap the Edit icon. Depending on your tool, this will be the word “Edit,” a pencil icon, or three vertical dots.

Step three

From right here, you can scroll down and add extra buttons for your Quick Settings Tray.

Step four

Find the Cast (or “Screen Cast”) icon. Tap and preserve it, then drag it to your preferred vicinity in Quick Settings.

Step 5

Tap the once more button. You may want to tap “Done” on a few devices first.

The Cast alternative will now be added to your Quick Settings Tray.

How to Screen Mirroring Android to Mac

If you want to reflect your Android to a Mac, you may have more than one strategy available to do the venture.

ApowerMirror is an app that allows you to replicate the show of every iOS and Android phone in your Mac tool without issues. The app also affords screen recording and screenshot functions if you want to use them during your mirror lessons.

It is easy to apply the app to mirror an Android to a Mac, and the subsequent indicates how you do it on your device.

Step 1. Turn on USB debugging from Menu > Settings > Developer alternatives for your Android tool.

Step 2. Download and install ApowerMirror on every Mac and your Android cell phone.

Step 3. Launch the app on each of your devices. On your Android cellular phone, tap the button that publicizes Start Now to start mirroring your device on your Mac.

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