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how to open a wine bottle without a corkscrew

Two options are available in the wine shop: a cork and a screw closure. This is a romantic option, but it takes more work to open. It doesn’t matter whether you choose the first or second option, only to find that your corkscrew is gone. There are several ways to open or seal a bottle.

Use the Toolbox

No corkscrew? No problem. You can jerry-rig your bottles to remove the cork if you have a good toolbox. All you need is a long, solid screw, a screwdriver, and a hammer. The screwdriver can be used to convert the screw into a cork, and the screwdriver can do the same thing as a corkscrew. You should leave about 1 inch between the pin and the screwdriver for the screwdriver to be able to pull it out. To grasp the screw once it has been inserted into the plug, use a wrench. It is essential to tighten it before pulling it out. Unopened bottles of wine should be the final product.


This is the most secure method. This can be tiring. Use a screwdriver to insert a long bolt into the cork. You can now remove the pin by using a screwdriver to insert a long screw into the cork. Grab the backside of the screw with a hammer. A towel is necessary to clean your forehead.

You will need a wire hanger.

Are you left with wire hangers? It is necessary to take off a portion of the wire hanger.

a.) Use pliers to make a mini hook by twisting the last inch forward until it forms a 30-degree angle. This angle is similar in shape to a fishhook.

b.) Place the new hook on the top of the cork.

c.) Swivel the hook backward and forth until it reaches about 2 inches.

d. Rotate the hook, so the tapered part is in the bottom.

e.) After the hook has been firmly inserted into the cork, start pulling up.

The Shoe Method

This works best if the shoe is more high-heeled than your ankle. This shoe is perfect for a gentleman who wears the shoe to work.

Before you put the cork in your shoe, ensure it is well-scarred. The cork should be held in place by the shoe. The pin will start to pull out slowly, and you’ll be able to lift it out. As shown in this video, the cork can explode in a blast, and bottles will foam up.


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These clever hacks allow you to open wine bottles without a corkscrew.

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What are your creative ways of opening wine bottles? Comment your suggestions.

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