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How To Photoshop Pictures On iphone

It’s not enough to snap great pictures on our phones. We want to tweak the photos to perfection as well. Adobe Photoshop has been the most popular application among professionals for a long time. However, anyone can use Photoshop on an iPhone as well.

This article teaches how to use Photoshop on the iPhone without paying hundreds of dollars as the experts do for software. Find out how to create faces in Photoshop, crop faces from photos, and overlay pictures on top of each other.

Are Editing Photos Possible for Free on an iPhone?

Photoshop Express is a free application that offers the most extensive set of features you’d want when using a smartphone. It doesn’t require in-app purchases to access advanced features similar to what you can find with other photo editing apps.

Also, there’s an additional Photoshop application for iPad tablets. It’s much closer to the professional desktop application Photoshop Express. You require an Adobe Creative Cloud subscription to access the application.

How do you apply Photoshop to your iPhone?

The following materials are required: iPhone, Photoshop Express application

Estimated time: As short as a few minutes, depending on the changes made

Cost estimate: Photoshop subscription, starting at $9.99

First, download the app and start the application.

Get the Photoshop Express application from the App Store if you didn’t have it previously. Log into the Adobe account. Once you’ve granted the app all the rights, you must start creating and editing your images.

Step 2: Pick an image to modify

The image below shows what the Photoshop Express home display looks like. Selecting: Select the type of change you’d like to apply. Be sure to enable Photoshop Express to access your photographs, then pick which image you’d like to alter.

Click Edit to modify an image and apply overlays, filters, and effects such as text, stickers, etc. Retouch automatically lets you pick a photo with an identifiable face to alter. The app allows you to delete and change backgrounds using Mix. Retouch will guide you through the process by giving you a guided tour. Pick several photos to form collages or take your image using the application.

Step 3: Pick the edits you want to make.

The excitement begins. Modify your image in the way you like it using Photoshop’s tools that you already have come to know from Photoshop and a myriad of cool filters and effects. I selected a photograph of a visit to test the program.


Photoshop Express includes many filters that can be used to alter your images, from primary and white balance to duotones and pop color. Adding a filter to your photo can improve the overall feel by making it appear either more or less intense, warm, or romantic. This is one of the things that distinguishes the application from other computer programs. Simply with a few clicks of your fingers, you apply an effect, filter, or alter the image without becoming familiar with Photoshop. Photoshop application.


If you’re fond of old-fashioned Photoshop on your PC, you are happy to learn that most adjustments have been added to Photoshop Express. Although they’ve been transformed into more user-friendly, automatized options, you can still experiment with them and alter their intensity. These adjustments allow you to modify lighting and color, apply effects such as texture or blur, dehaze, work on hue and saturation and blur, or include vignettes and other options.

The adjustment options on Photoshop Express also simplify selection. The app allows you to quickly choose whether to modify the background, the subject, or even the entire image. This image will notice that the app recognizes the structure of the building as the background.


It is easy to retouch photos by selecting this option on the upper right of the screen’s home page. The Retouch feature intelligently detects the faces of photos. It lets you smooth and soften the skin in a snap, remove any imperfections, alter the proportions of your face, apply makeup, or play using caricature effects.

The heal tool, accessible via the Edit Retouch or Edit buttons in the app, is an amalgamation of Photoshop’s classic spot healing brush and tool clones. This essential tool can remove spots in a single step with a single tap the spots. In the more advanced options, you remove large items from your image and pick which items you want to replace them.


With all these editing options, you can include overlays on your photos within Photoshop Express. You can experiment using bokeh, watercolor patterns, paper vintage, and other overlays to take your photos to the next step.

Themes can also be found. They are also available in Photoshop Express, which provides anniversary, birthday, and travel themes, holiday themes, and business-oriented overlays that cover sales, fashion, or activism.

Similarly, you can include borders, stickers, and events in addition to your pictures.

You can have fun playing with the many texts available in the application. They can be added images and are fully customizable to meet your requirements. There are even meme templates or quotes that you can use. Photoshop Express does the work for you.

If border borders are something you like, then pick from an array of options through the app, with styles ranging from modern and stylish to whimsical and seasonal choices.

Step 4. Save your image

When saving a picture, click the icon for downloading (with an arrow pointing downwards) to keep the modified image in your library of photos or on the share icon (with the arrow pointing upwards) to share it and save the picture. Share icons will take you to the following screenshot that allows you to select the quality of the file output or, if you’d prefer to save it, save it or send it out.

Adobe has hit the ball right out of the park regarding Photoshop Express. Adobe has taken excellent software, and instead of developing a mobile-friendly version, they upgraded the user interface by offering a myriad of editing choices and automated features. It gives its loyal customers the needed features while drawing in many brand-new customers. Indeed, it’s not entirely cost-free; however, since it’s a subscription-based app, it’s a worthwhile investment to those who appreciate the service, particularly users using it for commercial purposes.


Consider saving both the high-resolution version to print or sharing to larger screen sizes and an optimized version to use online for optimal performance for different situations.

In conclusion

The iPhone provides powerful editing tools that let you transform photos from your pocket. If you follow these tips and use the features through various apps, You can create Photoshop-like images using your iPhone and then take your photos to the next level.

Then, take your iPhone and pick a photo editing application to let your imagination go!

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