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How to play music on all google devices

One major benefit of having Wi-Fi speakers is the capability to wirelessly stream music to numerous devices simultaneously. You can do this via Google Home. Google Home app on your phone by creating groups of speakers. You’ll need some Google Home-compatible speakers and the right music.

Google Nest speakers and displays let you interact with your smart house via Google Home. Apart from controlling your mobile devices and displays, you can use these devices to perform other tasks, such as playing music or even using a loudspeaker on your phone.

However, what happens if you’ve got several Google Nest speakers and display units throughout your house? Did you realize that you can make them a speaker system? Learn how to stream songs across many Google Nest speakers and display units for your next party at home.

Do I have to buy the Google Nest speakers?

Even though Google produces some excellent speakers, the speaker group is not limited to Google-branded devices. A general guideline to ensure that the device works in conjunction with Google Assistant and is seen as a speaker in Google Home is that you can place the speaker in a group of speakers.

However, there could be possible exceptions based on the speaker’s brand. Check whether you can create groups with the speaker connected to Google Home.

Hi-Fi Cast on Android

Suppose you’re one of the Android people who want to avoid managing all the hassle of Plex’s settings. In that case, the HiFi Cast application is an excellent alternative, particularly if your device has ample storage capacity or has a MicroSD slot to store an extensive music collection. It allows for seamless playback for Chromecast devices to play every MP3 AAC, FLAC, and WAV Music file that is saved on your smartphone, and it is completely free. (A three-year subscription of $39 or an annual subscription to the app will remove ads and grant Android Auto support.)

Once installed, Hi-Fi Cast automatically detects all music stored on your device. Hi-Fi Cast allows you to browse music according to artist, album, genre, or playlist. To begin casting, press the “Playing for the device” button on the right of the screen, then choose the Google Home speaker, speaker group, or Chromecast in the devices list.

A different thing to take into consideration Consider this: If you’re paying suitable cloud storage for the contents of your MP3 collection, you may make use of the Autosync software to OneDrive, Dropbox, or Google Drive to sync some or the entirety of your collection automatically to your phone.

Set your default music on Google Home.

It’s not an excellent feeling to ask Google to play any music, and then it needs to acknowledge the request since it’s linked to the free, default edition of Play Music. This guide will show you how to set up your Spotify and Deezer accounts as the default accounts on Google Home. Google Home.

To begin, first, start Google Home. Then, open the Google Home app.
Check to make sure that you’re together. The correct Google Account that’s listed is linked to Google Home.
Tap Media, then press Music (under the heading Manage your System).
Pick the preferred service you want to use by pressing the check box.
YouTube Music is automatically synced once you have linked the account on your Google Account to Google Home; however, Apple Music or Spotify requires that you sign in and join your account.

Control diverse Google Home accounts.

Are you looking to get rid of the account? Perhaps your roommate left, or one of your children stopped being interested in your device. It is easy to remove accounts with the application. Select Account (the icon with the circling individual) and then Settings Home Members. Locate the account that is no longer required, and click Remove.

You would likely like to manage the Google Home settings if kids play around your home. You can limit certain material by setting parental controls. This allows you to safeguard your children from harmful material from YouTube, Google Play Music, and others. When you have material under your control, you’ll be able to rest easy knowing that your children are secure regardless of whether or not they’re at home by themselves with their gadgets.

Let’s take a look at what you can limit using parental control.

Media controls should be set up for videos and music.
Podcasts and news from Block
Schedule downtime
Use other Assistant features to manage
Include children on devices that have Google Assistant support. Google Assistant

Be aware that Google states that you must ensure that your device and app are updated to allow these functions to function properly.

Music apps from third-party sources

Besides just listening to music, Google Home has plenty of music-related software from third-party companies to keep you entertained. You can play games like Music Quiz or Guess the Lyrics. The Song of the Day is a podcast by 89.3 The Current with an assistant app that can listen to a brand-new song by independently-produced artists every weekday.

Then there’s more to look through. Just go to and search “music” to find more.

An Extra Features

This is how simple it is to connect all your Google Home speakers into an all-in-one group. With the advancement of sound technology, there is no need to purchase an entire collection of speaker systems for events! We all have to connect our smart speakers to obtain lively and powerful speakers.

Another amazing aspect is the ability to move from one speaker to another without effort!

In the example above, suppose you were in the process of cleaning your home, and you wanted your music to change accordingly. You can switch between streaming music from a device within your bedroom and one in the kitchen. Then, you can utilize this Stream Transfer feature within the Google application and command the AI to do this by saying, “Okay, Google, move music into the kitchen,” the living area, or any other location you’d like to go.

Listen to your favorite music in the Whole home.

Google’s smart speakers and displays can be a fantastic option to control your home’s smart features. However, they offer more advantages, including possibly having your desired music throughout your home.

Setting your speakers groups in once will assure that both your guests will be able to enjoy the music throughout your house when you host a gathering.

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