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how to print multiple pictures on one page

When we require printouts of lots of images and can use smaller printouts, we often wish there was an easy method of printing multiple images on one sheet of paper. To print several images on one page, people usually create a collage using software such as Photoshop or Google Picasa and then take an image from the collage.

The issue is, “How can you print a collage of multiple images on one page WITHOUT any hassle?”. This article can answer all your queries! If you’d like to print various images laid out in a tiled manner and want to print them all at once, it’s easy to print them all on the same paper. Let’s look at how to do it.

How to Print Multiple Pictures on One Page

There is an official method and other options to print multiple images on one page with your computer.

If you have a Mac or Windows desktop or laptop, your computer is the simplest method to print multiple images in one document. The steps to do this differ for both platforms.

Based on the device you use, Follow the steps below to print several images on the same page:

Printing on Windows
Select the folder to open it and choose the photos you wish to print.
Click on the pictures you want to save and choose Other options. (Skip this when you’re using Windows 10)
Click on Print.
Choose the printer, the paper’s size, and the print’s quality.
From the menu on the right side, scroll down to select the best layout.
Click Print.

Printing multiple images using mobile

Mobile phones are now widespread, even among youngsters. Since they’re convenient and user-friendly, printing multiple images is a breeze.

Navigate to the settings menu on the phone settings menu.
Choose printing by entering the available search box.
When the print services window appears, Check if the printer you plan to use is connected. If not, connect it before you print.
Tip. Suppose you’re unable to connect your printer. In that case, There is the possibility of downloading a plugin for your printer on the manufacturer’s site to install the right software that allows the printer to function. This will install the printer you will utilize.

Then, visit the gallery and choose multiple photos you’d like to print on the same page.
After choosing the images, you can click the share option and choose the printer for printing the images.
In the window for previewing print Go for the advanced setting.
You can alter the size of the images to ensure that all images are on the same page. We also could alter the orientation of images. All of these options depend on the type of printer you are using.
Click Print.

Wrapping up

This article describes the method of orienting multiple images onto one paper. Be aware that the maximum number of prints you can print is 35. You can select the images you want to print by pressing Ctrl whenever you click on them. If you want to print the images you’ve selected, simply right-click on them and then choose Print. You will receive one piece of paper with the photo you select.

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