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How To Print Text Messages From Android

Sometimes, you may require printing out texts. You can, of course, save the messages to your phone or keep them on Google Drive. But there could be an occasion when you require an actual copy.

For example, you may require a printout of text messages for medical or legal reasons. It doesn’t matter if you have the wireless printer connected directly to your WiFi network or an older model connected via cables; you can print text messages.

It’s impossible to print text messages directly through the Messages app, but using this workaround, you’ll discover how to print letters from the text on Android.

Print Text Messages With a Screenshot

The approach of screenshots is most likely the most straightforward. It doesn’t require any additional applications or connections with other gadgets. And if you’ve got Google Cloud Print set up, it’s possible to print directly out of your phone.

Look for the conversation in the SMS you’d like to print. Take a picture of the conversation using your Android. If the conversation extends beyond one screen, scroll, and then continue to take photos until you reach the point of no return. It is also possible to capture the scrolling screen.
Take a screenshot of the one you saved, then click the Share icon at the bottom. Find the cloud printer you’ve installed, and then tap the application.
The cloud printer from which you can print the screenshots of the SMS conversation.
If you do not have cloud printing configured for your Android, you can opt for an email from the screen for sharing. Send the image via Email to the address you have set so that you can print it using your PC or from any location that has access to printers. You can also save the image to your computer using a cloud storage provider like Google Drive or OneDrive.

Print Text Messages Via an Email

How do I print text messages using Android? The other option is through Email.

Take a picture of the words you would like to print.

First step: Launch Gallery. Search for and click on the screenshot you just snapped, then click on the button to share it.

f the Share list is displayed, choose Gmail or an alternative email client you like.

Send screenshots of the text messages. Then, open your PC with the attached printer and print the notes.

Print Text Messages Via the Third-Party Software

How do I print text messages using Android? The third way to print text messages is to use third-party software. Super Backup is among the best apps to print Android SMS messages.

  • The first step is downloading and installing the application onto your Android phone, then opening it.
  • Select”SMS” from the top screen in the Super backup application. The app will give you various choices to manage messages from your phone.
  • You can choose one or more conversations depending on the need.
  • Pick the backup file for the text messages that you want to print.
  • Choose Cloud Print to forward an image to your printer.

How to Print Text Messages From an iPhone

If you’re among 45 percent of US people who have an iPhone, You’ll have to capture your messages so that you can print them right away. This is how you can do it.

To take screenshots of an iPhone model with the home button, you must simultaneously press both the home and the lock buttons. The screen will flash for a few seconds, and you’ll find the image in your photo library.

To capture screenshots of newer models, you need to hit the lock button and increase the volume button simultaneously. The screen will flash, and you will locate the image in the photo library.

Take the screenshots you want to print. Click the square icon with an arrow at the left-hand corner.

Explore the options and then tap the option to print. Select a printer and select the printer that you connected previously to WiFi.

There is no have to do anything other than that. If your printer has been correctly set up and contains papers, the printer will begin printing automatically.

Print Texts to a Basic Printer

If you don’t own a WiFi printer but have one connected to your PC and printer, you can use it to print texts on Android.

To print your text using a printer that is wired, you must do these things:

  • Take a picture of the words you would like to print.
  • In the Gallery, locate and click the screenshot you just snapped, then press to share it. Tap the Share button. Share button
  • When the Share list is displayed, Select Gmail or an alternative email client you prefer. Share screen application
  • Send the screenshots of the text messages you sent. You can open it on your PC with the attached printer and print the notes. For instance, we’re printing text messages using the Photos app for Windows 10.


There are many reasons to print your text messages using an Android device. It is possible to use built-in options or third-party apps, depending on your preference. But, the built-in screen capture and printing options are the easiest.

We hope this article has given you a better idea of printing the Android text. You can choose the method that works with your device.

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