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how to recharge a disposable vape

There isn’t a charger that can operate right out of the box to charge an empty vape pen because disposable vape pens don’t have a built-in charger.

However, you can make nearly any charger recharge the battery of a disposable vape using just a pair of scissors and an emerald-cutting knife.

You’ve come to the right place if you’d like to learn the best way to recharge your disposable vape pen using a DIY charger.


Vape pods that can be recharged provide the best value to enjoy a vape from the many options vapers today have. If you are looking for an easy, convenient device, a refillable disposable vape is becoming quite well-known.

Although these vast disposable vapes can’t be refilled, they can be recharged using the most commonly used charging cable. Most rechargeable vapes (that aren’t refillable) are restored using USB-C and Micro USB cables but do not come with a charging cable inside the box. Users must make sure that they have the correct charging cable available should they wish to use the power of recharging the disposable vape.

What Are The Steps In Recharging A Disposable Puff Bar?

Here are the steps needed to recharge an empty puff bar (disposable device for vaping):

  • Check out the base of the vape pen, where there are likely to be small crevices at the bottom. Lift the cover gently the device with the flat-head screwdriver. In this case, there is the battery and tank are installed.
  • Then slowly pull it away; however, don’t take it off. Make sure the sensor and wires are visible. Please note the way these wires are laid out since you’ll need to put them in the same manner when you recharge your device.
  • The tape you use to fasten the wires. Connect these wires to the connectors within the speaker’s circuit. Be cautious and ensure that you’re correctly connecting the colored wires. If you don’t, you could ruin your device.
  • Fix the wires by affixing tapes when charging the puff bar. This process should last between 5 and 7 minutes and then attempt to draw the device.
  • If the cloud it produces isn’t as thick as you’d like, charge the pen for another 7-10 minutes.
  • The battery will allow you to take around 100 puffs before it’s empty, even though the pen is still stocked with the e-juice. However, this isn’t a fixed norm. However, it is possible to be running out of juice even if the battery is functioning.

What time do I have to recharge the vape that I have discarded?

Most of the time, the rechargeable disposable e-cigarettes we purchase are pre-charged. We aren’t sure when to recharge it once more. We’ve summarized two points below to help you understand the time to charge the disposable pod. The first one is to determine by the amount of vapor. When the rechargeable electronic cigarettes are vaporized for 500 to 600 puffs, the moisture decreases significantly, and the flavor diminishes.

You can charge your device. Another thing to consider is judging by the color of your LED. The majority of disposable electronic cigarettes available on the market are battery-powered disposable nicotine vapes, or non-rechargeable electronic cigarette disposable is associated with the continuous lighting of LEDs in the device itself whenever the battery is depleted or needs a recharge.

Are you able to use the 65W charger on the phone?

Yes, you can utilize a 65W charger with your phone. The charger will offer more power than your phone needs, which means the phone will be charged faster. However, it’s not recommended to utilize a charger more robust than the phone’s battery will manage, as it could harm the battery.


As we’ve already discussed, the types of charging cables available will differ based on the type of disposable vape. For instance, those using Draco disposable vapes are equipped with a USB-C cable for charging; however, the Art-X vape utilizes a Micro USB charger. It is essential to understand which charging port your disposable rechargeable vape uses since many of them do not come with a charging cable included in the box.

After you’ve located the correct charging cable for your device, connect the cable to your USB adapter, and then plug the other end into your device to receive a fully charged.

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