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How to recover permanently deleted photos from gallery

We all enjoy taking photos during happy times like birthdays or vacations. Losing precious photographs taken on any of these occasions is undoubtedly a harrowing experience, especially when there’s no backup plan. Following the loss of data then, the next thing we think of is how to recover deleted photos from the Android phone? Aren’t you thinking? Yes, it is possible to recover deleted photos from your Android device permanently. In this article, we’ll assist you in exploring various ways to retrieve deleted images from Android.

How to Recover Photos Deleted using an Android App

App photo recovery programs for Android cannot retrieve deleted images that Android users would like to get back in the same way as Disk Drill and other recovery applications available on Windows and Mac; however, they can help with simple photo recovery tasks. Like recovering images on a PC, the Android device needs to be root; however, specific Android photo recovery applications work even with no heart, like our favorite, DiskDigger.

Take these steps to retrieve lost photos from Android:

Installation of DiskDigger via Google Play Store. Google Play Store.

Launch DiskDigger select one of the two scans supported

Be patient for DiskDigger to retrieve the deleted photos.

Choose the pictures you want to recover.

Click Recover.

Recover deleted Photos from Gallery using Google Photos

If you’ve installed Google Photos and have installed the Google Photos app and have the “backup & sync” feature activated on your Android device, there is a good chance that you’ll find deleted photos in Google Photos. Check out Google Photos “trash” in Google Photos and re-download deleted pictures if they’re there.

1. Start your Google Photos app on your Android device.

2. Tap Menu and then navigate to Trash on the left side. Everything you find in the Trash can be recovered. They are kept for 60 days.

3. Press and hold a picture you’ve deleted.

4. Click Restore. Click the Restore icon to restore deleted photos from gallery images on Android.

How to recover deleted photos permanently from Gallery iOS

Dr. Fone from Wondershare is a highly reputable data recovery tool that allows you to scan your iPhone and recover various information from videos to photo messages, call logs, WhatsApp messages, contact, etc.

It is a primary 3-step recovery processor that works with most iOS versions. However, it is a paid app, and you’ll be required to pay for it. However, it comes with a 7-day trial period for free if you decide to make a change.

Recover deleted photos permanently from an Android phone by using DropBox

Similar to Google Photos, you can save your most precious photos on Dropbox. It even includes a trash folder that stores deleted photos until 30 days. To learn how to retrieve deleted images permanently from Dropbox, Follow the following steps:

1. To start, you can sign in to the Dropbox desktop.

2. You must first go to the “All Files” tab to find the deleted files. If you find the files, you should select them and click the “Download” option.

Third step: If you don’t, go through “Deleted files.” Select the images you’d like to retrieve and click “Restore.”


We hope that you’ve been able to follow the steps in this guide to retrieve all photos deleted off your Android device using Disk Drill or different methods for recovering photos. We suggest you save it from being able to come back to it later or give it to someone you know to help them retrieve deleted pictures before it’s far.

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