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How to Remove a Crown on Discord

A private Discord server is an effective tool that can help you stay in touch with your friends, organise, and in touch with your groups of friends. However, running a server could rapidly turn into a lengthy task. If you feel stressed by the demands of running the Discord server, it is possible to transfer the ownership of your server to another person easily. This article explains how you can begin the process using a PC and mobile.

When you start a new server in Discord, You will see the crown icon beside the username. This signifies that you’re in charge of the server. However, if you’d like to keep your identity secret from the other Discord participants, you could remove the crown from your Discord account. If you’re confused about how you can do this, continue reading!

How to Check Who Owns a Discord Server

An owner runs every server, and at least one moderator is responsible for overseeing the conversations in the server, making announcements, removing members who aren’t adhering to the server’s guidelines, and performing various other duties.

Discord created tools to benefit identified members. In particular, administratively privileged individuals can be distinguished by a certain color. However, these tools aren’t required, and separating the members could be difficult.

Who Owns A Discord Server

If you set up a brand-fresh Discord server, you’ll soon notice a crown icon next to the Discord name. Crowns indicate that you’re the administrator of the Discord server. At present, the crown icon can’t be turned on or off. But there’s an alternative method to turn it off.

An example of the icon of the crown:

If you are not keen to display that you’re your server’s owner, You can use a trick to block the crown icon from showing in front of your name.

The crown is automatically removed if another role has the Administrator’s approval and is hoisted. Hosted means it’s the role that’s distinct from the other roles.

How to Add or Remove the Crown on Discord

So, you should wait to give someone administrator rights to remove the crown. You should only grant it if you want them to be granted access to your server.

To make someone you have appear on the Discord server an administrator:

Enter the name of your server into the upper left corner, then select Server Settings.

From the menu on the left of your screen, choose Roles.

Click Create Role.

Name the job or color and other details.

On the Display tab, select Display roles for members in isolation from members who are online.

In the tab Permissions, choose Administrator.

Click Save to save changes.

If you’d like your crown restored, you can edit your role to remove the display of the role’s members in a separate member’s online choice. This, along with someone else who holds the administrator role, willl hide your crown.

How can I change Discord server ownership to mobile devices?

To transfer ownership of servers on the mobile phone, install and download the Discord Mobile app; therefore, we have included the download widget in case you need to. The steps we used were using Android. However, you could do the same thing to do the same on iOS.

Log in with Discord. Sign in to the Discord mobile application.

Select to open the menu for hamburgers.

Click the 3-dot option adjacent to the Discord server’s ID.

Tap Settings.

Scroll down, and then select Members (under the heading User Management).

The arrow icon is beside the individual you want to transfer ownership to.

Select Transfer Ownership.

Tap on the circle (to affirm your acknowledgment), then tap Transfer.

Verify the code with the benefit of a verification code; after that, tap Transfer Ownership.

Managing Discord

Removal of your crown is easy within Discord. The key is assigning roles. Be sure to bear your mind on the importance of roles and the risks in the assignment in a random manner.

Are you having difficulties with removing your crown from Discord? Do you have any questions about the Discord role?

What can I do to get rid of the owner’s Discord crown?

It is possible to eliminate the Discord owner crown by creating new roles. The steps are detailed in this guide.

How do I remove the crown from the Discord smartphone?

Create a new role using admin rights to delete the crown from the Discord server off your mobile.

How can I create another participant on the server”Owner “Owner” without releasing the ownership?

Suppose you’d like to designate another person as an “Owner” of your server. In that case, you’ll need to access the settings of your server, which we have discussed in the above sections and then select the username for the other participant. Choose “Roles> > Owner.” This gives the co-owner of your server more advanced access rights.

Why is the Discord crown not displaying?

It is possible that you are not getting a Discord crown. Discord crown after you enable the “Display roles of members in isolation from members online” toggle. You can turn it off to reinstate the Discord crown.

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