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How To Remove A Pocket Door

A pocket door is an indoor door that slides right into a shallow place or pocket in the wall. These doors provide practical, easy answers for restrained areas that might not accommodate traditional swinging doors. They furthermore offer unrivaled privateness.

Over time, you may need to cast off older pocket doors, redesign the project, or replace them because of putting on and tear. But how can you do that? In this guide, you’ll learn how to dispose of a pocket door without disposing of the trim. Keep analyzing the stairs you need to take.

Tools You Need

You want some simple hand-held equipment to successfully get rid of a pocket door. You can buy them at a neighborhood hardware store. These tools embody the following:

  • Power drill
  • Hammer
  • Flat bar
  • Pliers
  • Screwdriver

You ought to moreover have emergency protection kits if you harm yourself.

What is a Pocket Door?

Pocket doorways are an extraordinary way to place a door right into a region otherwise won’t in form. Rather than swinging open one way or some exceptional pocket doorways slide along a tune right into a hollow location in the wall. This receives the door without a doubt out of the manner, developing an easy, open look that interior designers love.

Sometimes, no matter the reality, pocket doors want to come out. You may be doing a big-scale preservation and changing the door, or you may put in flooring and need to trim the door down to healthy. Here’s a manner to lose a pocket door unfastened from its tune and out of its pocket.

Remove the External Hardware

Your pocket door, in all likelihood, has plastic guides that hold the door from slipping off the tracks close to the lowest of the trim. Remove the ones and some one-of-a-kind hardware you may see.

Complete Removal Of Track And Pocket Door

The method is complicated if you want to put off the pocket door without a doubt, set up a swinging door, or change the door’s tune. Here are some of the topics to bear in mind.

When casting off a pocket door, it’s essential to ensure the putting mechanism fits the door track. Many are different and changing the entire song with a modern-day door obtained’t be worth a while.

Old tracks may appear purposeful and become sticky or noisy over the years. In this case, removing the complete track may make feel. If you’re in this situation, here is what to do to eliminate the pocket door and present a sliding tune.

With a stud finder, discover the inner tune. Make the region of the inner pocket door hardware and studs using a pencil.
Use a drywall noticed to lessen a square commencing across the framework. Ensure the hollow is enormous to deal with the screwdriver or energy cordless drill. Remember that the drywall place can be applied after changing the door or track to fill the hollow inside the drywall you’ve created.
Remove the screws from the tune. You’ll have clean get right of access to screws thru the hollow in the wall, and make sure you dispose of all the screws in the track at the pinnacle facets of the body.
Since all screws are out, unscrew the door hinges and slide the song out of the wall.

How to Remove a Pocket Door

Home Repair Central explains that pocket doorways are connected to song rollers with hangers. These hangers have retention clips that keep the door’s putting clip on a bolt for the rollers. Discover the retention clips and search for a launch mechanism to get commenced.

The door may be held in place and be heavy. As such, an assisting hand may be beneficial while you keep. Slide the door until it’s far protruding, approximately three to four inches, and launch the clip; you can want to apply a screwdriver for this. Some doors require that the clips stay open until the door is removed from the hanger.

To get rid of the door from the track, bring it up barely till the rollers come off. You can nudge it in advance or backward until it comes loose. You can preserve the door or music if you want to repair or replace it.

Pocket Door Repairs

Once the door is constant, it can be lowered again to the music if you want to hold topics as they are. In some instances, the door is remarkable. However, the tune has issues. Home Tips explains that this repair may be extra challenging because music goes into the wall. You can try sliding your arm in to ensure that the screws are tight enough; if not, tighten them as high-quality as possible.

The problem also may be due to the rollers. This is a less burdensome repair, but the door must be taken off first so you can look at them. If they’re free, tighten or update the screws in the query. Broken rollers will need to be replaced, and you can get those from a domestic delivery keep or each different outlet.

If the tune is bent or broken past restore, you may need to replace it. Some minor carpentry may be involved, but there are techniques to replace pocket door music without an excessive amount of breaking the wall. If you are still determining, hire a professional.


Removing a pocket door is an easy undertaking as long as you study thru the commands thoroughly in advance than beginning. If you are uncomfortable doing this on your non-public, you must ask for help or hire a contractor.

If you’re changing your pocket door with a trendy one, ensure you turn out to be one with the same hardware because of the reality of the vintage one, or you may need help to replace your hardware efficiently.

We choice you enjoyed this article! If you have been given any questions or troubles, permit us to apprehend them in the comments!

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