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How to remove lash extensions?

Eyelash extensions can remodel your complete beauty regularly, offering you a zero-effort glam that lasts for weeks without the want to apply mascara or faux eyelashes daily. Fast earlier, about a month later, even though those fluttering lashes won’t appear as polished as they did simultaneously, you stepped out of the salon. As your eyelash extensions start falling out, you’ll likely be left with some cussed stragglers.

Here’s in which making a decision in case you want to move again to the salon for a fill or if you want to take a wreck and deliver your herbal lashes a rest. If it’s the latter, we’re right here to help. Read on for expert-legal eyelash extension guidelines to help you eliminate a previous couple of faux lashes without poor your natural ones. It’s possible—we promise.

How to Remove Eyelash Extensions at Home (Step-via-Step)

To efficaciously do away with eyelash extensions at domestic, you have to do the whole lot your lash stylist counseled you not to do!

Oils are infamous for breaking down the adhesive used even when applying for eyelash extensions, consequently causing harmful extension retention.

Step 1: Wash Your Face

Wash your face as you will generally do. Make high quality no longer to easy your eye location as it can pull for your lashes and cause damage.

This step aims to eliminate any mascara or eye makeup that could have settled at the eyelash extensions.

Step 2: Use Steam

Fill a massive bowl of water with steaming-warm water. Place your face over it and cover your head with a towel to keep the steam in.

Let it sit for a couple of minutes to loosen up the bond of the eyelash extensions glue. I commonly advocate steaming for 15 minutes.

Step three: Warm the Oil

Get a small bowl and fill it with oil. Coconut oil will deliver notable outcomes in casting off lash extensions; however, vegetable oil, olive oil, and castor oil also may be used.

The next step is to warm up the oil barely. Make great that the oil isn’t too hot because you’ll cope with a reasonably sensitive eye region.

Check the warm temperature through using dipping your smooth pinky finger. A moderately warm temperature is all you need to reinforce the manner.

Step four: Soak the Pads

The subsequent aspect is to soak one to 2 cotton pads in warm oil. Once you’re carried out, vicinity the oiled cotton pad on one of your eyes, over the lashes.

Let it stay there for five to 10 mins, or as extended because it takes the cotton pad to lose warm temperature. Gently wipe your higher lash line with the oily pad and allow the oil to sit in your extensions for a few minutes. Alternatively, you could use a lint-free applicator to dispense the oil on the lashes.

Step 5: Remove the Extensions

Using the same cotton pad, lightly swipe your lash line again. You want to begin to see some lash extensions falling off and closing within the cotton pad.

I can’t strain sufficiently that this approach should be completed exceptionally cautiously to avoid harm to your herbal lashes. If the extensions no longer fall off, do no longer try to tug on them. You will want to have them eliminated using a professional.

Can You Remove Eyelash Extensions At Home?

Like a few other splendor products, the quiet, prolonged eyelash extensions will eventually put on out, shed off, and need refills after a few months.

Suppose you want your lash extensions eliminated for a few purposes. In that case, professionals advocate you wait until they fall out on their own or have them professionally eliminated via a lash tech.

Removal can be a complicated method (if done incorrectly, it may lead to additional harm or loss of your lashes). We constantly advise first consulting with your lash artist.

But what takes area if you can not make time to visit a lash salon to have them removed? Can you do away with eyelash extensions at domestic?

Fortunately, you could use DIY techniques to remove your lash extensions. However, you want to be careful at the same time as doing so.

To help you with that, we’ve been given some hints that will help you lose yourself from lash extensions immediately!

Are There Any Risks to Removing Eyelash Extensions at Home?

“I may suggest going to the lash tech that finished the lashes for the excellent and steady elimination manner. Not all lash-bonding entrepreneurs are equal and will cause everlasting harm,” Gomila explains. “In addition to viable harm, removing them at home would take trial and mistakes.”

Trying to take your eyelashes out too in advance can cause damage and breakage to your herbal lashes. It’s essential to observe the at-home techniques above most effective aid in removal as quickly as your extensions are already falling out.

And after they have, you need to be gentle with your natural eyelashes—especially at the same time as using or putting off makeup. “Try no longer to put excessive strain on the lashes or eye location and avoid vigorously rubbing,” Marin says. Instead, nourish and improve sensitive hairs with an eyelash conditioner or lash serum to help them increase prolonged and super sturdy.

Although there may be no miracle at-home lash extension removal, those expert recommendations allow you to apprehend how to help those fake lashes fall out faster on their private, even while maintaining your natural lashes protected and healthy.

What to Use to Remove Eyelash Extensions?

The most commonplace merchandise used to eliminate your lash extensions at domestic are:

  • Coconut oil
  • Olive oil
  • Mineral oil
  • Castor oil
  • Vaseline
  • Baby oil
  • Let’s evaluate each one and notice if it works.

Try a Professional-Grade Lash Glue Dissolver

Since your eyelashes are sensitive and the pores and skin around your eyes are also sensitive, it’s vital to understand everything on how to put off eyelash extensions at home in advance rather than trying to do this on a whim with little to no steering.

“The glue used to use not unusual lash extensions treatments or hardens as quickly because it hits the air. This way, it has hardened onto the herbal lash. Once the extension grows out, it may destroy off and take your natural lash with it,” says Jill Medicis, Lashify Pro, and Pro Educator Team Senior Manager. “By attempting to cast off your lash extensions at home, you can motive immoderate harm to the herbal lashes or even lose the herbal lash.”

Lotti emphasizes, “You can really loosen extensions thru taking heat showers and drenching them in oils, but to take away correctly, with as little harm as viable, you may need to shop for a remover to dissolve them.


Close the lid tightly after use. Eyelash adhesive removers are solvent, and contacting air with the product will start deteriorating the property.
In uncommon times, eyelash extension removers can cause the air within the field to boom because of its solvent nature. It obtained impacts the product’s super; however, be aware that it may discharge as a large alternative amount. (But once more, in unusual cases).

How does eyelash glue remover work?

Professional eyelash extension glue is manufactured from chemical materials to soften the problematic bonds from the lash extension glue so that extensions slide off thoroughly.

Removing lash extensions is a relatively quick and painless method that requires much less than 10 minutes to perform with a certified professional’s resource.

a way to put off lash extensions at home with eyelash extension remover

When do you want to dispose of lash extensions?

Eyelash extensions also need to be eliminated after three weeks of harm because of the growth cycle of herbal eyelashes. In approximately weeks after the initial software, some extensions will have grown out and ruined the general layout.

Or, if lash extensions have been executed wrongly (like more than one herbal lash glued together) and it irritates your eyes in any manner, these extension lashes are better removed.

Bottom line

It’s feasible — however, now not ideal — to do away with eyelash extensions at home. Scheduling an appointment with an expert lash technician will provide faster, more robust outcomes.

If you do wanna DIY your lash removal, put it together to play the extended sport. Start using pores and skin care products with substances like oil or glycerin. Sometimes steamy showers assist in loosening the adhesive too.

If you revel in eye redness, lid swelling, or painful lash clumping in advance or at some degree in the extension removal approach, seek help from a certified aesthetician — and undergo in thoughts calling your eye doctor.

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