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How To Remove Sweat Stains

It doesn’t take special stain-removal products or strong chemicals to remove sweat stains. There’s an easy way to eliminate armpit stains, which can cause yellowing and darkening in t-shirts.
Hot water and the dryer should only be used once the stain is removed. It can become more difficult or even permanent to remove. The reaction between chlorine bleach and sweat minerals can worsen the stain.

What causes sweat stains

The sweat you produce combines water, salt, and fats. Mary Johnson (principal scientist at Tide) says that if clothes are not washed with a high-quality detergent after each use, they can become embedded in the fabric fibers. These soils can bond to fabric fibers over time to cause yellowing. Then, as they disintegrate into smaller, lighter molecules, they become stinky.

Your body can produce sweat combined with some ingredients in your antiperspirant or deodorant. These include aluminum and zirconium. This can cause yellowing and damage to your clothes. This can be avoided by using an antiperspirant or deodorant that is aluminum-free.
Also, body oils contribute to staining. Johnson explained that although sweat itself won’t stain clothing, body oils can.

Before You Begin

Before applying any stain or cleaning products to sweat stains, ensure they are tested on clothing that is colored. Hydrogen peroxide, for instance, can lighten any colorfast fabric. You can start by dampening a white or cotton swab with peroxide (or other stain removal or cleaner you would like to use) and then rub it onto the fabric’s interior seams, hems, or any inconspicuous area to ensure no color escapes. If any colors are left on the cloth, swab or cloth, you can use vinegar or commercial stain cleaners that are safe for color.

When to contact a professional

If the label on the garment says “dry clean only,” then take the garment to a professional dry cleaner as soon as possible. Point out and identify any stains.


You likely already have natural stain removal products in your everyday household items. Both vinegar and baking soda are gentle, affordable natural stain removers. These trap or dissolve yellow pigments and odors due to sweat. While lemon juice can remove stains from white clothes, it can also be used to fade colors. You can also sprinkle meat tenderizer on stains. Since sweat stains are mainly made up of proteins from the body, this kitchen ingredient helps to reduce and soften these proteins.


Vinegar’s high acidity makes it a powerful stain remover. Although sweat stains can be acidic naturally, vinegar has a stronger acid that can help dissolve and break down stubborn sweat stains. When removing sweat stains, it is best to use distilled white vinegar. It’s inexpensive and doesn’t contain any coloring agents.


Baking soda removes stains from all surfaces, including the armpits, collars, and sleeves of shirts. This non-toxic cleaner can be combined with water and made into a paste to coat sweat stains. Once applied, the baking soda paste will draw out sweat stains on clothing fibers. The baking soda mixture will lock the stain’s pigment and odor into the baking soda mixture.

How to Get Sweat Stained Out of Colored Clothing

A similar process is followed to remove yellow stains. Pre-treatment is not recommended as it can damage the color. Try a small amount of your stain removal product, whether you bought it at the store or made it yourself.

Treat immediately

This is one instance where prevention is better than cure. Sweat stains can be difficult for people to remove. It can stop sweat stains from appearing by washing your clothes with cold water.

Using other methods, you can also remove sweat stains and yellow spots from your clothes.
Although you have several options for removing sweat and yellow stains, the best way is to use laundry detergent made specifically for that purpose. Here are some other options. However, we recommend Ariel for the best results.

Baking soda.

Vinegar. Mixing some vinegar with water is the best way to get rid of sweat-stained clothing. It’s worth soaking them in the solution for at least an hour. A laundry detergent, however, would work better.

Bleach. It would be best not to use bleach to remove sweat stains. It can damage your clothes and cause them to lose color. We suggest using laundry detergent rather than bleach to remove sweat stains.

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