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How To Remove Top Hits From Safari On iPhone

If you enter the Safari search bar on a Mac or iPhone, it’s common to see certain websites included under Top Hits. It can assist you in finding the most frequently used or popular sites more quickly.

There are times when you want to avoid the Top Hits from appearing. Getting rid of them is complex, but it’s feasible. This is how you can eliminate the most popular web browsers like Safari.

Removing the Top Hit from Safari Mac

There’s no universal switch that would instantly turn off this function. But, some workarounds have proven to be successful for numerous users. If you remove all stored data, the Top Hits suggestion for the reading list may be deleted.

  • Select Date from the menu bar options.
  • Select “Clear History” as the Clear History… option in the History menu.
  • It will then appear on the Clear History dialog window.
  • Select a date range on the drop-down menu to select all dates.
  • Click the Clear History command button to delete your Safari history.

But if you take a more proactive route, consider removing your search history. Thus, it will allow you to remove auto-completed URLs.

However, deleting the search results is an excellent solution to this problem.

How can you remove Top Hits in Safari on iPhone and iPad?

  • Open your device settings.
  • Tap Safari.
  • Tap Clear History and site data.
  • Check for the exact Date and web details. Once you have returned, check Safari Settings.
  • Turn off Preload The Top Hits.

What Should You Do? How to Respond Top Hits Still Shows on Safari after being disabled.

If you’ve made it a point that you have completed all of the steps we have outlined previously to eliminate all of the Top Hits from the Safari browser of your device, but they’re appearing, you can do a couple of options you could take to get rid of this.

Check first whether you’ve synced your bookmarks on another Apple device. If so, Safari might rely on synced bookmarks to fill Top Hits when you launch the web browser. Remove your sync to the second Apple device to fix this issue. This ensures that Safari does not have information about browsing or favorite files from which it can generate Top Hits.

If that is unsuccessful, attempt to delete any pages you’ve added to the reading list. Like browsing History and bookmaHistoryd favorites, Safari can recognize the information stored in your reading lists and use it to create Top Hits. If you remove all websites from your reading list, Safari will no longer be able to perform this. Try to browse the site using Private Mode.

FAQs on Top Hits on Safari

Here are two commonly requested questions about Top Hits on Safari.

Q1. Where are Top Hits sourced from? Safari?

The Top Hits you see within the Safari browser are derived from details recorded in your browser’s histories, bookmarks, favorite pages, and those saved to your reading lists. Safari uses this information to predict what content might interest you as a person and generate Top Hits accordingly.

Q2. How can I remove certain High-Rounds from Safari’s Address Bar?

To delete particular Top Hits from the Safari address bar, easily navigate through the Show History section of the History menu and then select the page for the Top Hit you want to erase. Click it, then click “delete.”

Bonus Tip: Retrieve deleted Safari History on iPhone

A way to restore deleted Safari history from your iPhone is by using iMyFone Fixppo. Through this application, you can retrieve files that may be deleted accidentally or from your phone. The app can help recover deleted data due to accidental deletion, a mistake factory reset, damages, damage, or an iOS failure.

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