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How to Save Text Messages from Android to Computer

Before you set your phone back or change to a desirable 5G smartphone, you should back the data. Make sure to back up the SMS messages to save important messages to refer back to later. The process of backing up messages on text is easy whether you are using a Samsung Galaxy, a Google Pixel, or a different gadget. You can set up automated backups from Google or yourself with several third-party software.

Text messages play a significant role in people’s lives and are filled with private information, such as company details or anything important you do not want to get rid of.

Therefore, backups of Android text messages become increasingly important to the modern world. Perhaps you’ve realized this, but you don’t know how to proceed, don’t you?

You’re exactly where you should be. Why?

Attention: If a message is deleted or lost without Backup, you should discover how to recover directly deleted messages from Android devices.

This article will demonstrate how you can back up SMS using Android or without an application. Then, you can evaluate them and determine which is the best for your needs.

What’s the reason I’m unable to export Text messages directly from Android?

No, you can’t! Android operating systems don’t provide a built-in function to export messages directly. The messages saved directly may not be available in an accessible format if you have yet to install an application that alters this setting and cannot connect to this database without the necessary knowledge or tools. This is partly because Android is determined to keep your messages’ privacy and ensure they are secure.

For those with technical know-how, the database is usually in an SQLite database in the following directory: /data/data/

The information is only accessible when you’ve got root access to your device, which entails breaking certain security limitations established by Google and your phone manufacturer.

It is important to remember that altering the root directory of your device could be a serious risk, such as voiding the warranty, making the device unusable (“bricking”), or exposing the device to security risks.

How can I back up Android messages to a computer or Mac using the Assistant app for Android?

1. Step. Install and run the application

Open it once you’ve downloaded and installed the software on your PC. You will see the first screen.

2. Connect your Android phone to your PC

Then, connect the Android device to your computer by USB. Follow the instructions on the screen to warrant that the application detects the phone you have connected successfully. You’ll see a review of your phone on the display when it is detected.

3. Select the text messages you want to duplicate.

On the left side, you can click “SMS” in the left-hand panel for the “SMS” opportunity. The program will start scanning all messages on your mobile device and display a complete overview of the messages on the right-hand panel. It is then easy to browse through all of the messages on your Android messages right inside the application.

4. Transfer messages on text from Android onto the PC

To extract text messages from your Android phone, choose the messages you want to export and click “Export” on the menu at the top. It will allow you to transfer selected messages to your Android device onto your computer. Then, you can see Android messages in text from your PC.

How to transfer Text Messages to your computer using SMS Backup and Restore

SMS Backup and Restore is a third-party application that backs up your SMS on the computer. It can back up SMS, MM, and logs simply. If you’d like to transfer additional data to a computer, SMS Backup and Restore will not benefit. Using an Android Message Backup application for the first step is recommended. Here is the procedure for downloading text messages on Android onto a PC, along with SMS Backup and Restore.

Step 1. Install SMS Backup & Restore and then install it.

Initially, it is necessary to download the SMS Backup app, install it, and restore it to your Android smartphone. After that, open the application, then click “Get started”.

Step 2. Select Messages as the option

The app should be able to access your phone’s data, so tap “SET FOR A BACKUP” if this is the first time you’ve used the application. Be sure that you have the “Messages” switch is switched to.

3. Backup the selected messages

Choose where you want your Android messages, such as “Dropbox.” Log into the Dropbox account. Dropbox account. After that, select “BACK Up Now” to initiate the Backup.

Now, you can open Dropbox on your PC and sign in using the account you used to sign up with. After that, you’ll be able to view the backup message document. Download it onto your personal computer.

How to transfer Text Messages on Android into a Computer Free with Email

Email transfer texts are an attractive feature if you’re seeking an easy and inexpensive approach. Email, a widely used messaging tool, is vital in transferring text messages from Android devices to PCs. For the transfer of texts from Android to a PC using emails, follow these steps:

Step 1. Open the messaging application using the Android device. Choose the messages that you would like to transfer, and then select”Email” as the “Email” opportunity to transfer the messages.

2. Step 2. The selected text messages will be linked to the email program, and it will be opened. Enter the email address of the person who will receive it in the “To” field. Then, press on the “Send” icon.

3. Connect your email account to your PC and download attachments.

Transfer Android SMS to a PC using Google.

One thing you may have noticed while using SMS backup and restore is the feature to save the backup data in Google. While it might be connected, we’ll currently need something else.

We’ll back up every important file to Google and then access the documents on your computer to transfer Android SMS onto your PC.

These are the steps you must follow:

If you’re using Android, Go to Settings.

Tap to reveal different options, and then select Google.

Check Backup.

There is a chance to see Google can back up your files. Click on Backup now.

Follow the screen instructions.

The backup will consist of the following data files: (1) App Data, (2) Call history, (3) Contacts, (4) the device’s Settings, and (5) SMS texts. The backup file will show in Google Drive. Google Drive.

If you have a PC, navigate to the browser.

Visit Google Drive. Google Drive.

Find that backup copy once you’ve located it.

Now you know the method of transferring Android SMS onto a computer together with the built-in features of Android using Google. This method is safe as it directly uses a feature from Google.

How can you save Text Messages on Android using SMS Backup+?

SMS Backup+ is a user-friendly, third-party software designed to make it easier to manage the process of backing up text messages stored on Android devices. The application stands out with its focus on ease of use and functionality. It seamlessly integrates into your Google account. SMS Backup+ enables users to keep their conversations on text easily and securely. Its intuitive interface, paired with various backup options that can be customized, can be a valuable option for users looking for an effective and simple Backup of text messages for Android. Below is the perfect way to utilize it to save text messages to Android:

1. Install and download and install the SMS Backup+ application from Google Play Store. Google Play Store.

2. Connect the app to the desired Gmail Account. It is okay to doubt what it comes with, as you can turn it off through Google Account Settings any time you’d like to.

3. Select the “Connect” Checkbox. Pick the Google Account you want to connect. Google Account.

Step 4. You can decide to make a complete backup, or the only Backup you can do is the text messages you receive from that moment to the present.

Utilizing third Party Apps and Software

SMS Backup and Restore

Install SMS Backup and Restore on Google Play Store. Google Play Store and open it.

Click Get Started, and then allow the required permissions.

Tap to create a backup.

Pick what you’d like to back up (SMS messages, MMS, or selected conversations).

Pick your phone as the backup destination to save the Backup on the device.

Click Back Up Now and create your backup files (XML file format).

Connect your Android smartphone to your PC through a USB cable.

Access the phone’s storage and find the folder for SMSBackupRestore.

Save your backup XML file onto your computer.

How do I save Text Messages for Android in PDF format

1. Launch the app, click the Hamburger Menu, and then select the View Backups choice.

2. select the destination for your storage device in which you’ve backed up your conversations and choose the Backup. You can then select the message you wish to store in PDF format.

3. Tap on the Kebab menu (3-dots icon) at the top-right corner. Select the “Print Conversation” feature.

4. All you have to do is press the button PDF, choose the desired location for your PDF file, and click Save.

That’s it. Accessing your messages on any device without worrying about app compatibility issues is now possible. The one drawback of this approach is that you need help to form your messages into PDF files in bulk. Therefore, you must manually choose the text before converting it into PDF.

How do you transfer text message backup from Android to Gmail?

One of the most efficient ways to back up text messages on Android into Gmail is to select Gmail’s backup choice. Gmail Account backup opportunity. To backup texts to Gmail, you need to follow these instructions:

Switch on the settings, then navigate to Google.

Make sure to turn on Backup. You may back up or sync particular areas like media files, messages, or documents.

How do you back up deleted text messages from Android to PC?

The deleted text messages may be restored on your PC using help from the benefit of iMyFone D-Back. It can be downloaded to an operating system and recover the messages for use.


The two apps, Decipher TextMessage and SMS Backup+, are reviewedws by users on their respective sites. Although the requirement to save your text messages for the rest of the time and save them is not important at this moment, it is recommended that you begin the process by backing up your device!

If you have questions or require further benefit from the ability to save your messages for eternity, send us an email on our contact page. We’ll gladly assist you via the Decipher Tools Headquarters in San Francisco or Phoenix!

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