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How to Schedule Events in WhatsApp Communities

WhatsApp was seen developing an event planning feature as of October 20, 2023. The report that followed up in March of this year explained how it will function and the enhancements Meta has added to event scheduling in 2023. The report suggests that WhatsApp has a good foundation for testing the feature, as it’s been spotted by specific beta testers of Android’s most current WhatsApp beta version.

Participants at this event will be informed that it’s getting close. The first group to be allowed to utilize the new software is a Community group. Every group will get access to it in the next few months. Many things are happening within WhatsApp groups, where members can chat and interact. The addition of events to the groups helps bring these groups to life. It also assists participants in planning gatherings, discussions, or other important events.

By making it easy for other members to organize events, WhatsApp groups make it feel as if they belong and are involved. This strengthens the group and attracts more members. This tutorial will show you how to set up events within WhatsApp groups. The process starts by defining the event’s purpose and then moves on to the excellent method of setting it up.

What are WhatsApp Communities?

The WhatsApp mobile app was designed for instant messaging, free of charge.

WhatsApp has evolved into something far better. (It is also now available on desktops on WhatsApp Web.)

WhatsApp is used in more than 180 nations by creators, entrepreneurs as well as businesses to deliver messages to both groups and individuals of individuals.

With the recent update to WhatsApp Communities, WhatsApp users are able to build a central site that hosts a variety of group chats in one place.

How to Set Up Events in WhatsApp Communities

After we’ve looked briefly at how events are handled within WhatsApp, we will walk you through the steps of creating and organizing events in communities.

Go to the WhatsApp group where you’d like to start an event. If you don’t see this group on the Chats screen, locate it in the Communities.

You can tap an attachment icon at the top if the group is open.

Select the event feature.

Enter the event’s name, description, date, and time.

If you can, add the address for the event.

It is also possible to turn off the toggle to enable the WhatsApp Call link and select the type of call between voice and Video.

After adding the information required, tap on the icon to send, and then the date will be added.

How to Respond to a WhatsApp Communities Event

After an event has been created and the community approves the event, members of the group can reply to let them know if they are available:

Click on the Respond opportunity under the event message on the group for the community.

Pick between going or not, and check attendance to confirm.

The registering feature guarantees you will receive any further information and updates about the event.

How to Schedule a Meeting or Group Call on WhatsApp

Like video-conferencing platforms like Zoom, Google Meet, and many more, WhatsApp now has a feature that allows you to schedule calls before the time. Here’s how:

1. Launch WhatsApp and click on Calls in the lower-right corner.

2. Click on the Create Call Link.

3. Select the type of call.

4. Add the Send link on WhatsApp to your group.

Then, you and all other group members can tap the Join the call button to connect.

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