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how to screenshot on thinkpad

If you own a Lenovo laptop, you’ll likely need to capture screenshots and add annotations to documents, aside from being thrilled with the purchase. Suppose you’re looking for a snapshot of the exact content displayed on your computer screen. In that case, the PDF of a site or any other image that you want to capture and adding annotations like boxes, arrows, ovals, highlights, and so on can be complex.

Its ease of usage, accessibility, and general ease of use have made them one of the most valuable features that technology can offer. From speeding up work efficiency to keeping a record of all the crazy stuff you encounter on the web, A screenshot can do everything.

Take a screenshot of the entire screen.

There are two methods to capture a screenshot of the entire screen of the Lenovo computer:

With your keyboard, hit PrtSc. The whole screen is copied onto your clipboard.

Click the Windows logo key, then enter the Paint. In the results, select the Paint program to launch it.

Press Ctrl and V simultaneously to copy the image to Paint on your keyboard. Paint program.

On your keyboard, use the keys Ctrl, S, and Ctrl simultaneously to save this screen.

How do I take a screenshot using a Lenovo Chromebook Duet?

If you’re using a Chromebook Duet device by Lenovo and wish to capture pictures, you can download the iScreenKit extension for Google Chrome. It will be installed at the top of the right-hand corner of Chrome’s browser and can be used to capture pictures of streaming websites like YouTube and news sites, and online diagrams such as:

Step 1: Click the icon to open the extension, and select the type of screenshot you want to use (an entire page or portion from the webpage)

Step 2:

  • Hold using the mouse’s left button.
  • Drag a rectangle-shaped window over the page you wish to take a screenshot of.
  • Just wait for iScreenKit to capture all pages.

Step 3: Open the new tab on your browser. Save your screenshot on your Chromebook or duplicate the image and paste it into another application or browser tab.

Unfortunately, the iScreenKit browser extension doesn’t come with all the bells and whistles you can find on its desktop counterpart. Suppose you’re looking to enhance your images taken using the browser extension. In that case, I suggest employing an image editing program running on the Chromebook until the screen extension is upgraded.

How can you take an image on the Lenovo laptop without the Print Screen button?

Lenovo laptops do not come with Print Screen buttons. If you’re using Windows, Pressing the “PrtSc” or “Print Scrn” button from your keyboard would create an image of your whole screen. It will save the image on your clipboard. If you need to crop it or alter it, it can be pasted into an editor for ideas, such as Photoshop for editing.

Final Words

If you’re looking to get the most value out of your images and effectively communicate with them, You should consider using Markup Hero. Lenovo laptops and computer models may come with built-in functions that allow you to take the image; however, they’re not as enjoyable and effective as using a program that will enable you to edit, highlight, or add annotations to your photos.

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