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how to see download history on google play store

It’s smooth to lose tune of all the properties you’ve offered through the Google Play Store over the years. Maybe you desired an app inside and beyond. However, you’re not sure which app it changed into, and you also need to download it again. Or you honestly need to suggest an app to a chum, and now you may not appear to find it.

Whatever the motive, Google makes viewing a listing of your purchases easy. In this article, we’ll discuss how to view your purchase statistics on each Android gadget and PC.

How to View Google Play Purchase History on an Android Device

Seeing your Google Play purchase history on an Android Device is pretty sincere. Here’s how:


You can see your Android app facts onon your cellular phone or the net.

Open the Google Play save app on your Android cellphone and tap the menu button (3 traces). In the menu, tap My apps & video games to see a listing of apps currently hooked up on your device. Tap All to see a list of all apps you have downloaded on any device and the usage of your Google account.

On the internet, genuinely click on this link to open up a listing of the apps associated with your Google Play account. (You can also get right here with the valuable, helpful resource of going to the Google Play hold and clicking Apps > My apps.) You can see all apps related to your account, or you may type them via the device.

How to Install Apps from the History of the Google Play Store

The commands indexed underneath can be used to put in apps from your Google Play Store statistics on an Android cellular telephone:

Proceed with steps one via five under the Google Play Store’s “How to See Download History” heading.

After selecting the preferred app(s) to check next to it, press the down load downloads better proper nook.

To download each one after the alternative, you may further tap the app selection and then tap Install.

How to See What Apps You’ve Downloaded on iPhone and iPad

If you forgot the decision of an app you downloaded or accidentally deleted, you could check your download statistics in iOS via the App Store or use the 3-D Touch Function.

Use the App Store to See What Apps You’ve Downloaded on iPhone and iPad.

You can view all the apps you’ve downloaded because you started using your iPhone or iPad using the following steps.

Open the App Store for your iPhone.

Tap the Profile icon on the top proper aspect of the display display.

Tap Purchased.

Choose the All tab at the top to show all of your apps or Not on this iPhone to look at the apps that aren’t set up right now for your iPhone. Suppose you are part of a circle of relatives. In that case, you’ll either be capable of tapping My Purchases or tapping the individual member of the family to look at their precise purchases.

You can tap the Cloud icon after an app to re-download it or swipe left and tap Hide to take away an app from the listing.

To view apps offered with the resource way of a circle of relatives and individuals, visit Family Purchases on the All Purchased internet web page and tap on the individual’s name to see all of the apps they’ve sold.

You can also use the Search vicinity in the App Store downloads records to find the name of the app you’re searching for.

Note: If you change the USA option within the App Store on your iOS tool, you can’t make your app download history appear in the App Store’s offered tab. Only downloads or purchases you made inside the new store will appear inside the Purchased tab.

Is it possible to delete my download data from the Google Play Store?

Ans: You can’t immediately delete your download records from the Google Play Store. However, you may uninstall apps that you do not need.

Can I see the download data of paid apps one by one?

Ans: While the Google Play Store no longer separates paid and free apps within the download records, you can view your purchase history beneath the ‘Account’ phase of the Google Play Store for a list of paid apps.

Why can’t I find an app in my download information?

Ans: If an app is unavailable at the Google Play Store, it cannot appear in your download data. This can take location if the app has been removed through its developer or due to coverage violations.


After a while, the download statistics on Google Play can be enormous. If you don’t like how messy it makes your revel in appearance, here are the steps to look at to erase the apps you don’t need for your download list. You can each erase one or numerous apps from the listing. You can also get entry to the apps you do not need on your Android device and use that listing to reinstall the app. So, how many apps did you remove from the listing? Share your thoughts in the comments below, and don’t neglect to share the element with others on social media.

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