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How To Send Empty Message On Whatsapp Iphone

Though there’s no purpose or use for sending blank messages on WhatsApp, people like to send them. This article will teach you how to make an empty text using WhatsApp.

Currently, WhatsApp has over 1.6 billion active monthly users using the platform. Advanced features include instant messages, voice calls, multimedia sharing, and video calls.

Why send empty messages to WhatsApp?

WhatsApp allows users to communicate with people on their contacts list, as anyone can find and contact you through their WhatsApp number or URL.

When chatting with text messages, stickers, emojis, and stickers are terrific. Why not send empty messages?

Many people want them to send messages on WhatsApp.

The empty message is an easy way to keep the recipient in suspense. It also can be a great conversation starter. Furthermore, it’s interesting to make someone angry instead of boring messages. You need to have a message in writing to let them know the meaning of your message.


If you own an iPhone and want to post a blank message via WhatsApp, I’m here to tell you that, on the iOS side, no application can be used for the task you want. However, you can accomplish the job by copying and pasting the invisible characters and then forwarding them to the person you are interested in.

You can then copy straight to the iPhone and paste the text into these brackets. If you don’t know how to copy the characters, Press your finger across the screen within the gap between the shelves, and keep pressing for a couple of seconds to highlight the invisible nature and then drag the two cursors to mark the character’s selection. Finally, click the Copy option that is in the menu that shows up.

You can also visit this site and tap on an invisible symbol beneath the braille blank header to automatically copy it onto the iOS clipboard.

Now, you can start using the WhatsApp application for your iPhone by selecting the icon (the one that features the speech bubble in green and the phone’s earpiece), which you can find on the home screen and the app library. Open the Chat tab and select your conversation with the user you wish to send the message to. You can also start a fresh one by clicking the button that has the pencil and paper on the right-hand side and then selecting the contact you are interested in.

Once on your chat window, copy the invisibly copied text you previously copied onto the iOS clipboard. You can paste it into the input field for text on the right side by pressing down and then clicking the Paste option from the menu presented before you. You can then make the text message visible using the plane displayed in the upper right.

Make invisible messages via WhatsApp in Android with a blank message (For WhatsApp). App

Step 1: Download and Install the Noword App on your phone. Hit the button below to launch the Noword application.

Step 2: Open the Blank messaging app on the Android device.

Step 3: Press “Send.” Then, you’ll be given an option to select from the Messengers you installed on your phone.

Step 4: Select “Whatsapp” and select the group or contact to whom you want to send a blank message.

There is a third application that will allow users to send blank messages to chat in WhatsApp. In case the app above isn’t functioning, try the following procedure.

How to type an empty message on the keyboard in WhatsApp Web

If you have a keyboard installed on your laptop or laptop, you can write and send a blank message via WhatsApp. Because you’ll use an electronic keyboard, begin on WhatsApp, look up the QR code, and connect with your mobile. Therefore, with no further delay, let’s get started. 

Step 1: Open WhatsApp Web by visiting 

Step 2: Scan the provided code to connect your smartphone to your computer. 

Step 3: Go to the Chat part where you’d like to type a blank message. 

Step 4: Select the box for messages. Then, press the Alt button and enter 0173 into the numeric keypad. Then, release from your Alt key. 

This is only suitable for Windows. Your keyboard must have distinct numeral keys. Create an empty message on WhatsApp using your keyboard Alt Code method. Utilizing apps for creating and sending blank messages on WhatsApp The WhatsApp app can accomplish almost anything related to carrying out tasks via the smartphone. If you’re not eager to employ one of these methods, look up “Empty message” within your preferred AppStore. To save time, Empty Chat is a beautiful app that can get everything you require done.

Other Cool WhatsApp Features

WhatsApp lets you format the text before making it available for sending, which means you can change it to bold, italicized or even italicized. 

Add an asterisk (*) at the beginning and end to make text more prominent in WhatsApp.

To make the phrase “hey” appear bold, write it with the letter *hey* before pressing”Send. “Send” click.

For a word to be italicized in WhatsApp, put the word in between underlines (_).

As an example, hit”Send”. For instance, _hey_ press “Send” click.

Utilizing the numerous formats offered through WhatsApp, You can effortlessly create a message that draws attention to it, particularly when highlighting an important aspect.


Making a message blank on WhatsApp is a complex option.

WhatsApp isn’t able to send empty messages. You are likely to be unable to send them.

But we’ve also provided two suggestions that help you bypass WhatsApp limitations and allow you to create messages that aren’t a problem. Check them out.

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