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how to send large videos on gmail

Are you one of those who has made efforts to add a considerable image or video but immediately received a warning error message? A few email services might not allow you to deliver messages with a size of 25MB or more an attachment. Make sure you are aware of the size limitations beforebefore sending large videos through email.

If you’ve got a great video you would like to send it out securely via email, but it is bigger than the attachment limit of email, it is necessary to know suggestions on how to mail big video files and not be blocked by the attachment limit. This complete guide will teach the details on how to email a big video via email together with five easy and effective methods. The simple techniques are perfect for sending lengthy videos to your iPhone.

Methods to send large video files

If you don’t think email is the accurate way to share your videos, you have other options. If two people are on one network sharing big videos, it can be done quickly. It’s also possible to do so regardless of whether the recipient is in the other part of the globe.

Uploading to cloud services

Instead of attaching the video files to an email message, users can transfer the video to a cloud-based storage platform like Dropbox, Google Drive, or OneDrive and offer recipients a download link that allows them to view the entire video. This makes use of the vast storage capabilities provided by cloud storage and will enable users for users to share access to videos uploaded by the initial user.

Many cloud providers allow you to drag and drop your files directly into cloud folders. You can also pick files from your drives to transfer. Find out what cloud solutions that speed up uploads could work perfectly for your situation.

Drop your video using Dropbox.

Sharing files is effortless by Dropbox. The modern workplace is created to benefit you by reducing your busy work time so you can concentrate on essential tasks.

The files you upload to Dropbox aren’t allowed to exceed your storage space limit. There’s no size restriction for files uploaded via mobile or desktop applications or uploaded via, which are limited to a file size of 50GB.

Upload the video onto Dropbox or save it to Dropbox and transfer it directly using our online video editor. After your video is transferred to Dropbox, you only need to sign in to one of the following: Outlook, Gmail, Yahoo Mail, Zoho Mail, and iCloud. Copy the link for the file (copy) and send the files to the email address (paste). This is as easy as pie.

Upload a large video using Google Drive or OneDrive.

You can also email an enormous video using Google Drive, OneDrive, and other cloud-based storage. Upload a huge video to these platforms to obtain a video link, and you can then email this link to an email.

When you’re together Gmail and Google Drive, you do not have to add a big video file to Google Drive to make video links. If your file’s attachment size exceeds 25MB, the file will automatically be transferred to Google Drive. Afterward, Gmail will send you the Google Drive link to send the video via email.

When using Outlook Mail, together with Outlook Mail, attachments that exceed 20MB may be downloaded directly onto OneDrive. A download link will be sent to you via email.

Uploading files from Cloud Service

In addition, you can select cloud-based services such as OneDrive, iCloud, DropBox, and Gmail to attach large videos. We’ll look at how:

Start OneDrive and select Inbox on the left side of the screen.
Please input the email address of the person who will be receiving it.
Select the attachment icon on the upper ribbon.
Select the file you want to open and then press”Open.
Share the upload with a OneDrive URL.
Select Send from the top of the ribbon.

Another method of sending substantial video files is compressing a ZIP file. The steps below will benefit you do this:

Use a large file-sharing service.

A different method of sending massive files through Gmail is using cloud storage providers such as Dropbox, OneDrive, or WeTransfer. These providers offer flexible file size limits, making it easier to manage the sharing procedure. The services allow you to download a file and email your receiver to access the file.

WeTransfer is among the most well-known free services for the transfer of massive digital files. On this platform, it is possible to send huge video files, presentations, songs, photos, videos, or documents, and any other kind of file, provided it’s within the limit of 2GB, which is free. No registration is required, and your files will be available for two weeks.

While they’re offered for free, they come with a price. Ads are everywhere, the file size that can be downloaded to free users is not huge, and the constant “nudge to sign up for a subscription can be irritating.

How do you send videos to emails using GetResponse?

If you’re using GetResponse to manage your marketing email campaigns, embedding video in the design of your email is simple.

Once you have found a location wherewhere your video can be placed perfectly, you can drag and drop the “Video” block in the layout.

Enter the URL of the video. The video can be hosted through YouTube as well as Vimeo.

After you’ve typed your URL into the web browser, the movie is uploaded to the email. Then, options to customize the email pop-up.

You should always include alternative texts in your video (and photos). This text is displayed instead of the image (or images) whenever it isn’t loading. Create a short sentence that explains the video’s material.

Final thoughts

There is no way to send a massive video directly to email applications, but you could use the techniques discussed in this article to send enormous video files.

Another option to transmit a video of a massive size by email is compressing the video using native or third-party software to compress files. So long as the video is less than 20-25 MB, you can forward it via email.

However, if you reduce the size of your video but it’s still smaller than 20-25MB, it is recommended to use one of the techniques described in this post.

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