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how to set google map as default on iphone

The default mapping application on iPhone uses Apple maps. However, you can also set Google Maps default on iPhone.

We are aware that Apple phones run the iOS Operating System. It is, therefore, a distinct feature from Android. However, Google Maps have the most impressive features of any other navigation app, so iPhone users are more enthused than other applications. You must also be aware of what you can do to migrate the contents of your WhatsApp messages between Android into iPhone.

Let’s now see how you can change Google maps to the default option for iPhone.

How to Set Chrome As Your Default Web Browser to Use Google Maps

When you tap the address of a place in Chrome, you’ll be able to see it on Google Maps.
Open Settings.

Scroll down your apps list and click Chrome.

Install Chrome on iOS in case you still need to start using it.

Tap Default Browser App.

Tap Chrome.

Setting Google Chrome as the default browser for iOS.
When you click on a URL in Chrome to view its location, you’ll get asked if you’d prefer to see it in Apple Maps or Google Maps.

A solution to Google Services on iOS

There is an alternative to use for users of Google applications that could be used to replace their iOS counterparts, such as Gmail or Chrome. This may not sound very clear, but it’s easy to use.

If you’re currently using Safari as well as Apple Mail and try combining them with Google Maps, we are worried that it will not be a good idea for you. Google Maps is the default application from Google apps, but not Apple’s.

Here’s what you should do:

It is possible to download Gmail and Google Maps (other Google apps in the event you utilize these) to your iPad/iPhone. If you already have these apps, be sure they’re updated, and you’re running the most recent version of iOS.
Log into your Gmail and then open the application.
Click on the hamburger menu and then choose Settings.
Tap Default apps.
Choose Google Maps to Navigate from your location. Navigate between different areas.

To ensure that you’re using Google’s services continuously, go through Settings > Internet Explorer > the default Browser App or Settings > Google > default Email App, then set both apps as the default.

Configure Gmail

Now, open Gmail.
Navigate to the menu in the upper left-hand corner.
Select settings from the selection of choices.
There will be a default App option on the list. Click on it to open the vote.
From the menu of choices, Under ‘Navigate from,’ select ‘Navigate from’ area’ and ‘Navigate between places choose Google Maps.

Now you’re completed. Make sure to choose Google Maps whenever you are asked to select a different application to open the map. To block the pop-up, deactivate the toggle ‘Ask me every time which app to choose in the lower right.

What can I do to change the default Map App?

Here are the Android instructions on how to select the default app:

  1. Go to your mobile’s Settings app.
  2. Tap Apps. Default apps.
  3. Click the default option that you wish to alter.
  4. Choose the app you wish to make default.
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Can I Use Google Maps on Apple CarPlay?

Yes, it is possible to do it. Before connecting it to your car, you’ll have to download Google Maps on your iPhone. Then, you’ll be able to launch Google Maps on your CarPlay screen and navigate to the area.

The Bottom Line

Apple always encourages its customers to use its built-in iOS applications. But some users prefer using other apps as their defaults, such as Google Maps. Apple needs to allow making Google Maps default from iOS 9 onwards.

But you can set Gmail as well as Chrome as your default apps. You can now forward the address of an email to Gmail, and it will be opened via Google Maps. You can also paste the address into your Google Maps search bar. Also, you can jailbreak the iPhone to enable Google Maps as default.

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