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How To Set Up Apple Carplay

Are you thinking about how to set up Apple CarPlay? Numerous drivers within the Bloomington-Normal region have the same concern. What is the difference between whether you’ve got Chevy Infotainment 3 (above) or Toyota Entune? If you’re having trouble and want to know how to connect to Apple CarPlay, the Sam Leman Automotive Group team breaks down the steps to set it up for each of these brands in the following. How do you connect Apple CarPlay and Android Auto is usually one of the first things they address. Since the integrated apps for smartphones put everything, you require within reach. It’s good that Honda, Mercedes-Benz, BMW, and other vehicles make smartphone integration easy for the most technologically-savvy driver in Woodinville. Look over the steps below and feel at ease to contact our customer service team at Honda of Kirkland for any queries within the Seattle region!

How do I Connect Apple CarPlay

Before starting, make sure you’ve got an appropriate iPhone. If you own at least an iPhone 5 or higher, you’re set! Visit “Settings” and “Siri & Search,” and then turn on Siri. Siri function. Follow these steps:

Plug your phone into your CarPlay USB Port. Find a CarPlay logo.
Click on “Settings” and then click “General” and “CarPlay.” Select the car you want to use in the “Available Cars” list.
Use the voice control button on your steering wheel, or press the CarPlay Home button on your touchscreen.
Siri will be available, and you’ll be ready to take advantage of Siri. You should be able to use Apple CarPlay features.

Guideline step-by-step Apple CarPlay Setup Guide

It is available for all Ford models on all Ford models with SYNC 3.0 multimedia technology; Apple CarPlay is the most efficient method to connect to your Apple iPhone with your brand new Ford. Follow this step-by-step tutorial or check out the video above to connect the Apple iPhone to your new Ford using Apple CarPlay.

Check that CarPlay, as well as Siri, are enabled for Your Apple iPhone.
Attach the Apple iPhone to your Ford USB port with an Apple-approved cable for Lightning-to-USB. Refer to the owner’s manual to determine a specific position.
If you are prompted to do so by your SYNC 3 screen for multimedia to continue, click Keep > Accept.
The Apple iPhone, as well as Ford, is now linked using Apple CarPlay. Your SYNC 3-multimedia display is now switched into Apple CarPlay when connected to your Apple iPhone through USB.

How to set up Apple CarPlay in Your Mercedes-Benz

Apple CarPlay will be the most convenient method to link the Apple iPhone to your new Mercedes-Benz. Follow this step-by-step tutorial or view the video below to discover how to pair with your Apple iPhone to your new Mercedes-Benz using Apple CarPlay.

Connect your iPhone via a USB cable in the USB port with the symbol for smartphone integration in the center console of your car.
When you first connect your iPhone for the first time, you must select “Connect” from the menu on your infotainment display and click “Automatically” on the following pop-up. Your iPhone is now connected to your Mercedes-Benz Apple CarPlay system. It is now possible to connect your primary iPhone automatically connected from now on.
You may also select “Manually” should you want to connect to a friend’s or family member’s iPhone.
You can use CarPlay functions using your COMAND(r) control, the hard keys on the center console, or by using Siri. Siri is controlled by voice.
To learn more about your Mercedes-Benz informationtainment system or how to connect your devices using Bluetooth and Android Auto, please feel at ease to reach us for an experienced team member.

How do you install Apple CarPlay for BMW Vehicles?

If you’re searching for details about connecting Apple CarPlay to your BMW, Sam Leman Automotive Group has outlined the easy steps below:

Make sure you activate Siri, Bluetooth, and Wi-Fi on your iPhone.
Press the COM button > > Mobile Devices > New Device Audio calls and phone calls.
Choose your car on the Bluetooth menu. This initiates the pairing process, and you’ll be able to see your iDrive 7 screen, which will confirm your pairing requests.
Check that the PINs that appear on the iDrive 7 and iPhone screens are identical. If they are, click “yes.”
Select the option to connect via Apple CarPlay in the iDrive seven-screen. After that, it’s done.

Find out more about Sam Leman Automotive Group.

If you have additional questions regarding how to change the settings of Apple CarPlay or get it set up, please don’t be afraid to contact the staff with Sam Leman Automotive Group. We’re here to help from Morton to Peoria to Bloomington-Normal.

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