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How To Stop Autoplay on YouTube

To stop YouTube autoplaying on desktops, hover your mouse over the video and tap the autoplay switch (Play icon). If you’re on mobile, tap the video and then click choose the Autoplay switch at the upper. You can turn off autoplay in the YouTube Settings app.

With the autoplay feature, YouTube will automatically play the next whenever a particular video is finished. If you prefer to play your next movie manually, turn off YouTube autoplay on your device and computer. Here’s how.

What Is the Autoplay Feature On YouTube?

The autoplay feature of YouTube is intended to keep viewers entertained by automatically playing the following video on the queue. If one video is finished and another starts, it does not require input from the viewers. This is an excellent option for people who prefer an uninterrupted flow of material; however, it can be a bit invasive for those who like to view videos in the order they are shown.

Autoplay is turned on by default and can make users feel unprepared, resulting in wasted precious time or excessive data usage. In addition, it can offer material that is not pertinent or suitable. Deleting autoplay from YouTube will help you organize your time more effectively and warrant you only play the material you want.

How to Turn Off YouTube Autoplay on Your Phone?

If you’re together, YouTube is your smartphone’s YouTube application (whether you’re together on Android or iOS). You can use these steps to turn off YouTube autoplay. This is also possible on when you use a mobile internet browser.

Start YouTube on your phone. You can also open the YouTube app on your mobile device or visit using’s mobile browser.

Join us with the details of your Google account. This is also a way to enable the YouTube turn-off autoplay feature to apply on every device with access to the account.

Choose a video you want to play and stop it. Make sure you do not switch to full-screen mode throughout the entire procedure.

You can also find an autoplay button under the player for video and over the Next button. It is possible to turn off the autoplay feature.

How can I change the autoplay settings of the internet?

Modifying the auto playback behavior on the auto playback behavior of YouTube videos on the internet is almost identical to doing it in a mobile application.

Move your cursor over the video to access the playback control.

Options for playback are on the right side of each video.

Use the toggle button to alter the autoplay feature.

Turn Off Autoplay in the YouTube App

For iOS as well as Android, switching off Autoplay is as simple:

Start YouTube and search for a video that you would like to watch.

Find the options for playing on the upper right-hand side of the video.

Switch on the Autoplay button off.

You may also alter your preferences in the Menu section of the application. To do it, you should:

Open YouTube.

Click on your profile image on the right-hand side of the display.

Click Settings, then tap Autoplay from the menu.

Disable the Mobile phone or Tablet opportunity.

Mobile Via Playing a Video

Autoplay can arrange material that may not be appealing to you. It plays these videos repeatedly. Turning off autoplay reduces the possibility of viewing inappropriate or uninspiring videos. This means you can disable autoplay from YouTube’s YouTube homepage whenever you play the video. It is possible to follow these steps for this procedure.

Start the YouTube application on your mobile device and select the videos to play.

To access menu options on the player, click on the video.

The Autoplay button is generally located at the top of the player.

Press the toggle button to pause the autoplay.

The pausing sign indicates that the autoplay is off. Turning the autoplay back on using similar steps is possible, and then changing the toggle switch On.

Autoplay can be turned off if the button is not present.

If you’re registered on YouTube and the autoplay option isn’t working, follow these steps:

Log in and start playing a video.

The autoplay toggle may reappear. Turn off the autoplay feature. If it does not turn off autoplay while being signed out, it will turn it off during your sign-in sessions and vice versa.

Cookies and Cache: Sometimes, websites’ cached data or cookies could result in faulty settings. Clear the cache of your browser and clear cookies. After that, visit the page and observe whether the autoplay icon appears or the settings work correctly.

Adblockers: A few adblockers could inadvertently affect autoplay controls. You can try temporarily turning off the adblocker and then test if the autoplay button appears up. If so, you may have to remove the site from your adblocker settings.

App Updates: Older applications may have issues that affect the autoplay feature. Ensure you’re using your app’s most current versions for your device. Updates typically fix bugs and can bring back the missing button.

Platform updates: The platforms are subject to updates that alter the place of control buttons or settings menus. Recent updates may have hidden the autoplay option. Go to the platform’s official website or social media for recent announcements or updates to explain the disappearance of the button.

Will turning off autoplay affect other YouTube functions?

The opportunity to turn off autoplay videos you have liked is only a way to turn off autoplay for videos you’ve enjoyed. Other autoplay functions, for example, those linked to the homepage or suggested videos, are still in use in the same way.

Do I have to enable autoplay on specific channels or playlists?

You can selectively enable autoplay on specific channels or playlists by changing the settings to play autoplay for these particular sections on YouTube.

Will turning off autoplay affect my recommendations for videos?

When you turn off autoplay, watching videos can affect suggestions to a certain extent; however, YouTube’s algorithm considers several variables. The videos you recommend will depend on your browsing behavior, history of interactions, and any other personal data.


Controlling autoplay is just one step toward a more focused YouTube experience. If you decide what material to view in the future, you can stay clear of interruptions and instead focus on what material you want to see. This means you can interact more with your chosen material and more thoughtfully watch content and entertainment through YouTube. Turn off autoplay, breathe, and decide what piqued the fire in your eyes!

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