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how to take a picture in genshin impact

You may want to show off your new moves or play Co-op with adorable characters. However, there will be times in your journey when you’ll need a few screenshots. It can be frustrating to pause the game to view the screenshot option. This is especially true if the game uses camera panning. It can also distract from your excellent visuals due to the intrusive user interface.

However, Genshin Impact also offers in-game photography functions that allow you to capture pictures without interfering with your game. You can read on to learn how they work.

Some minor notes regarding Genshin Impact images

It’s important to note that slight differences in the photos taken with the different modes are. Photo Mode displays the player’s username and UID at the bottom while Kamera does not.

How to Take a Photograph Function in Genshin Impact

  • Navigate to the main screen.
  • You will see a camera icon. You can highlight it.
  • There is an option to “Take Photo.”
  • Choose it, and you’ll be taken to Photo Mode.

You have many options when you use the photo mode. You can also pose your character, and use emotes.

How to Use Genshin Impact’s Photo Mode

Genshin Impact has a straightforward way to enter the photo mode. After finding the best spot to take your photo, hit the Options button from your PS4 controller to open up the main menu.

The left analog stick will be used to scroll to the Take Photo button. Hit the X to enter the camera setting.

Look at the bottom of the screen to see the options to zoom in/out, reset the camera, hide or show the UI. The L1 button will give you additional options, such as blurring the background and horizontal camera movement.

Special Kamera

Special Kameras can be earned by those who complete World Quest Perfect Shot at Liyue Harbor. It’s a Gadget that works the same as the normal Kamera but adds a gold filter around the image when it is taken.

This isn’t a simple screenshot that shows everything the player can see. It showcases all that is happening on screen without the UI elements. It works everywhere except Domains.

The default camera is unlocked in World Quest, “Snapshots.” Special Kameras was available to players who participated in Five Flushes of Fortune.

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