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How to Text to Multiple Contacts Without Group Message

There are several reasons to consider doing this. Perhaps, for instance, you’ve been on both unwanted group emails several times. Maybe you’ve become exhausted from being bombarded with numerous notifications you cannot handle.

Indeed, for many people, this could result in them not receiving messages due to switching off their notifications or not even reading the text messages.

When you need to text diverse contacts, there are many choices. For example, a mass texting solution like DialMyCalls suits your mass SMS requirements.

We’ll look into the reason for and the desirable way to send a text message to many contacts without initiating group messaging. In addition, we’ll show you the steps to change the settings for group messaging for iPhones and Android devices, as well as WhatsApp.

Introducing Hit Em Up Mass Texting App

“Hit Em Up is an app that works on iOS to send texts to diverse contacts without the together group’s messages feature. This app is utilized worldwide by entrepreneurs, event promoters, personal accountants, religious leaders, fitness instructors, and many other audiences. It allows people to send out mass messages automatically containing the contact’s name and first or last name.

Event organizers use it to inform the public about upcoming events. Trainers serve daily motivations to their students. Church leaders inform their congregations of prayer. Smaller businesses can send texts to their employees to let them know about the upcoming meetings and any changes, as can their customers.

What other features does Coolmuster Android Assistant have? Coolmuster Android Assistant will do to help you.

Utilizing Coolmuster Android Assistant, you can accomplish many more things than sending bulk text messages without groups. You can manage and transfer all kinds of information, handle numerous Android devices simultaneously, back up and restore it, and use several other features that may help anytime.

If, for instance, you wish to back up Android messages, you could pick the message you would like to back up or back up all text messages stored on the Android smartphone with the Android Assistant. To back up every message, head to “Super Toolkit and select ‘Backup’ then select ‘Messages’ and “Back Up”. Done!

You can see that there is support for SMS handling, apps, contacts, call logs, images, music, movies, books, contacts, and much more. You can easily control SMS and other Android documents with it.

How to Send a Mass Text on iPhone Without it Being a Group Text

The only way to prevent sending a mass message and simultaneously executing mass texting is to turn off both MMS and iMessage. The actions to take:

Step 1: Go to the settings menu, select messages, and then turn off both iMessage and MMS. Note that you’ll not be able to benefit from iMessage together, such as complete encryption.

Step 2: Launch the Messages application to create the group text message for iPhone users. The initial group text message will stay as a distinct chat. Any replies received will be sent to private chats.

Send WhatsApp Message to Multiple Contacts via New Group

Creating a new group is one of the most efficient methods to communicate via WhatsApp messages to several contacts. If you make a WhatsApp group, you could join the contact you wish to share with as group members and group the posts you want to send them all simultaneously.

Learn more about how to do it further down;

For iPhone

Step 1: Visit WhatsApp for your iPhone and tap Chats at the lower left.

Step 2. Tap New Group at the upper left, then select the individuals you want to share the same message. Then tap Next.

Step 3: Type in a preferred name for your Group wGroup the Subject Area of the Group. Including the display image of your group through the Camera icon is also possible.

Step 4: Finally, click Create to create your WhatsApp group.

When you’ve created your WhatsApp group and added the appropriate contacts, you can begin messaging the same message to numerous group members.


Step 1: Launch WhatsApp and tap the three-dot vertical icon at the top right of the screen. Select New Group.

Step 2: Pick your participants to join the group.

Group 3: Select the Subject of the Group and click the camera icon to upload the display image of the group. Group that, tap the Green checkmark to complete.

Step 4. Send your first message!

Why Sending a Group Text May Not Work

If your group messages aren’t functioning, your phone’s settings are the primary issue. Group messages are more extensive than standard text messages; you’ll have to turn on MMS to allow your device to transfer these messages.

Check your phone’s settings, that you’ve turned on the choice to transmit MMS (multimedia messages) (MMS), and that you’ve allowed the phone to transmit information via messaging. This setting is usually an accessible toggle on the Settings menu under the Messenger or Data subheading.

Most group texts use the data on your phone instead of text messages on your plan because of their dimension and the other options that can be accessed via group messaging. Sending group texts should be no problem if you can use these features.

What are bulk MMS Messages?

MMS signifies a Multimedia Messaging Service. MMS messages are a leap above essential text messages. They may contain audio, video pictures, and various other exciting extras. Are you looking to add a personality to your message? Salesmsg is the solution for you. The MMS messaging feature is included. MMS messaging options are included in our offerings.

Does mass text messaging cost money?

Although you’ll indeed require the benefit of SMS software when you’re looking to begin sending messages in bulk, the process does not have to be complicated or costly. Are you curious to find out the truth about whether Salesmsg is better than other messaging solutions? Don’t take our word for it. Take a look and put our technology to the test using our 14-day trial free of charge.

We’re confident you’ll be impressed by our uniqueness from other messaging providers enough that you’ll want to make the switch official quickly. Once you’ve signed up for Salesmsg, you’ll enjoy the perfect support available and access the application, allowing you to elevate your mass messaging to a higher stage. Our tools are an effort-tested solution to speed up your time when you wish to text a mass number of people separately.

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