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how to turn off active status on facebook

Facebook has provided us with many conveniences we are grateful for. Facebook is our primary most reliable source for news and events around the world. The feed we receive is always filled with the most recent news, whether confirmed or not, amusing memes of our friends with the latest gossip and some of the best absurdity the web offers. Facebook has also replaced messaging with its messenger application.

These conveniences are amazing to have at our fingertips. However, they come with a cost. Every time we utilize and use these tools the status of our account on Facebook will be visible to everyone to view. As long as users can tell our presence in the social media world, people will want to connect to us, whether we want their approach or not.

People who are normal need to have their own every once in a while. The reclusive people prefer their private space all to themselves. If you’re one of them there will be motives to occasionally or constantly switch off your current status on Facebook which is perfectly fine.

Learn to deactivate the active status option on Facebook and feel comfortable not being visible to the world at a time in the way you shouldn’t be.

How do you hide active status on Facebook?

Facebook is among the most flexible social media platforms, which is accessible across various platforms. Facebook is accessible on Facebook through smartphones as well as computers by using Facebook Messenger, the Facebook Messenger app or via the web browser. It doesn’t matter which device you use, Apple, Android, or Windows device. You can switch off active status on Facebook. Find out how to block the active status of Facebook through the application on your desktop, the website for desktops, or the mobile Facebook website here.

How can you disable the Active Status feature on Facebook using either a PC or a Mac?

We’ll start with how to turn off the active status of Facebook with your computer’s browser. It is important to note that this option works with any operating system – even Chromebooks.

Turn off the”active status” on Facebook by using your browser on the internet:

Start the default browser of your device and go to Facebook. Facebook site.
If you don’t have one registered, log in with your login details.

After logging in, click on the Messenger icon in the upper right-hand corner of the page.

Select to open the Option (three dots) icon in the upper right on the Messenger menu.
Once you see the Chat Settings menu is displayed select the option Active Status.
An additional menu will appear. Toggle the switch Active Status to Off.

Remove Active Status from the Facebook Website

If you are using a browser, log into Facebook and click on the Messenger icon at the top right area on the homepage.
Click on the”ellipsis” (three dots) icon located at the top of the chat window.
Click for Active Status.
Switch off the switch and then go on Active Status ON to deactivate it.

There are two alternatives on the Active Status window, which allows the user to show up as active for certain people, while not other friends or in reverse. You can simply tap the edit button and select the people you wish to add to each list.


Step 1: Open Messenger using your favourite browser for your desktop. Log in using your Facebook login details.

Step 2: Choose your profile photo in the lower-left corner.

Step 3: Click Open the preferences.

Step 4: Choose Active Status.

  1. Disable the toggle for Active Status.

Do you want to conceal your active status to just one individual?

You can change your status to active by visiting the Facebook site in the above paragraph. Within the Active status section, you’ll have the possibility of selecting specific friends who are on your friends list that can view the status of your account.

Is the status of Messenger Active correct?

It’s a good measure of when your buddies were online last, however, it’s not always accurate.

My friends will be aware I’ve turned off Active Status.

If your friends view your profile in Messenger there is no information about the last time you’ve been online and will reveal that you’ve turned off your Active Status.

How long will it take to get Facebook live status to go off?

If you switch off your status as active on Facebook this will take immediate effect. It will stop you from appearing as active for others on the platform, and they won’t be able to tell the last time you’ve been active on Facebook.

Are you able to see someone online, even if your active status is turned off in Messenger?

When your status active is turned off in Facebook Messenger, other users are unable to determine if you’re present or active on the site.

What is the reason you turn off the Active Status option on Facebook?

It’s an individual choice for Facebook users. Many don’t care if others can see them online while others don’t wish to be noticed.

There are times when you just want to look through your Facebook timeline and look at postings. You’ll get irritated by messages from friends or a snooty person begins creeping in on you. If you do not want to let anyone know that you’re online, disabling Active status will be the most effective alternative.

Can I continue to access Messenger even if I disable My Active Status?

Turning off the Active Status option does not impact your ability to utilize Messenger, in any manner. It will be possible to receive and send messages like you always do.

Can my family and friends track my online activity by turning off my active status?

Your friends of yours aren’t able to view when you’re online once you switch off your active Status. They’ll only be visible for the most recent moment you logged on to Messenger.

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