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How to Turn off Auto Quality on YouTube

The auto-quality feature in YouTube videos frequently gives users poor-quality visuals, which can cause difficulties. This can cause problems, such as blurriness or lack of clarity, particularly on large displays. In addition, it is frustrating when you are watching HD video or graphical material. To overcome this problem, Users can adjust the quality settings.

Furthermore, YouTube provides various options, such as 1080p, 720p, and even 4K, if it’s accessible. You can use these options to personalize your watching experience according to your device and network. In this post, we’ll explain the causes of YouTube videos’ poor-quality auto-play and provide solutions for resolving these issues.

Why Video Quality Is Unavailable on YouTube

It is possible that the “Quality Unavailable” issue could arise due to a number of causes; however, the “Smart Downloads” feature in YouTube Premium is usually the most problematic one. The feature can download videos according to your browsing habits and can lead to issues.

If you use the Smart Downloads feature and download a video with a lower quality because of its settings, you could encounter an error while trying to stream that same video online with a higher resolution. The application prefers to play the downloaded version first, which is incompatible with the better quality that you’ve asked for.

Beyond the Smart Downloads feature, the issue could also be caused by the content you want to view not being finished processing or by a slow connection to the internet. After identifying the causes and possible causes, we’ll look at ways you can solve the problem.

How to Set YouTube Video Quality Permanently on Mobile

Mobile users can choose a high-quality permanent feature within YouTube together with the available quality options. Here’s how:

Start the YouTube app, then tap on your account’s display page in the upper right.

Select Settings.

Tap Video quality preferences. Then, if you’re using iOS, You must select Mobile Networks on the next page or Wi-Fi on the next screen.

Below Video quality for Wi-Fi or mobile networks, choose either a higher quality picture or a Data saver.

The first thing you’ll notice is there’s an absence of a choice to pick a specific video resolution. For this, it is necessary to choose the Advanced option, which is only accessible during video playback playback.

To achieve this, you must take these steps:

Watch any YouTube video using YouTube’s mobile app. YouTube mobile application.

Tap any place within the video player window.

Use the three dots to tap or click the Gear icon on the upper left.

Choose Quality, then tap Advanced on the display.

Tap a specific video quality. The video will begin playing with the video quality that you select.

How to Change YouTube Video Quality Permanently on a PC

Many people like watching YouTube on their desktops due to the larger screen and the possibility of a more excellent resolution. But there’s no definitively-approved setting to determine the quality of the video. There are a variety of extensions that work with different browsers to benefit you with your search.

On Chrome

Go to the Chrome Web Store and browse Auto Quality for YouTube.

Choose “Add to Chrome” to include the extension.

Start YouTube together with your web browser.

In the menu for browser extensions, select “Auto Quality for YouTube.”

Pick the desired quality for YouTube videos using “Default Quality.”

Click “Save.”

Reload YouTube.

On Firefox

Search for YouTube High Definition in Firefox Mozilla Add-Ons.

Click “Add” to add the extension to your web browser.

Play YouTube on your computer and watch whatever video you want to watch.

On the right-hand side of the screen, in the upper right corner, select and click the YouTube High-Definition button.

In the Video Quality menu, select the quality of your video you prefer. The plugin will start loading that quality.

What video quality options are available on YouTube?

YouTube provides users with four different video resolution options. These can be described as follows:

Auto Resolution: This option alters the quality of your video according to the quality of the initial video, screen size, and network status.

Higher Resolution: This resolution result is a higher quality image with more bandwidth and videoand video displays at HD resolution or more significantly.

The Data Saver Mode Because YouTube’s data usage varies depending on how good the streaming is, the data saver function will show lower-quality material so it doesn’t waste data when streaming at higher resolutions.

Advanced Setting setting allows you to select an exact quality across the video.

Do I have the choice of manually adjusting the video’s quality even if the auto quality is turned off?

After removing automatic quality, you can manually alter the quality of your video on each video you play through the quality setting (gear icon) inside YouTube’s YouTube player.

What factors should I consider when deciding on my video’s default quality?

When deciding on a video’s default quality, consider the speed of your Internet connection, the device’s capabilities, and your personal preferences for clearer images versus fast streaming.

What can turn off the auto quality benefit in reducing data usage?

By removing auto quality, you can manage the video quality. This can benefit your data consumption. If you select a lower resolution, you will be able to reduce the data you consume while watching YouTube videos.

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