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How To Turn Off PS4 Controller

The Sony series of PlayStations are among the most well-known consoles ever made and are coming in as strong competitors to Microsoft’s Xbox Series and the Nintendo Switch.

If you still need to upgrade to the latest version of the PS5 might still use the PS4 and using the PS4 controller. While they’re less intuitive than the DualSense controllers that came with the most recent Sony console, they are still a good choice. PS4 controllers are robust and reliable.

One of the most irritating aspects of gaming controllers is how fast their battery drains, which can cause problems during a battle. To prolong as much battery life as possible, We recommend that you switch off your controllers when you’re not using them and recharge them whenever your PS4 informs you that they’re about to reach their last legs.

Why Should We Turn Off PS4?

Any device equipped with battery support cannot run on energy. Therefore, when it’s not being used, the best method to save energy is to turn off the gadget. The PS4 controller can function for about eight hours.

It’s only true when it’s fully charged. Therefore, turning its energy off when it isn’t using it will help save battery energy. Also, you will save energy and lower your costs. Enjoying uninterrupted gaming is one of the most beneficial things you can do. Ultimately, you want to maintain your battery during a game.

If you’d like to extend the controller’s battery life, check out this article.

How do I switch off the PS4 controller

Pressing the PS button
The most convenient and fastest way to shut off your device is by pressing the PS button at the controller’s center. This should take around 10 seconds.

Using the Quick Menu

  • The controller will hold and press the PS button for approximately 2 seconds, and then you will see the Quick Menu appears.
  • Select “Sound/Devices.”
  • Select “Turn Off Device.”
  • On the screen for turning off devices, Select your DualShock.

How do you turn off the PS4 controller automatically following a certain time?

  • Hold the control’s PS button for around 2 seconds, and the Quick Menu is displayed.
  • Go to Sound/Devices.
  • Go to “Set Time Until Controllers Turn Off.”
  • You can choose 10, 30, 60, or 10 minutes.
  • Once you’ve made your choice, the controller will stop working after you have not used it for the time specified. The only way to turn it back on is to hold the PS button in the middle to switch it on again.

When you have made this choice After that, if the controller remains inactive for the period you have selected, the controller will be turned off by itself.

To turn your PS4 controller back on.

  • If you wish to turn off your PS4 to back off, press the PS button on your stick’s left side.
  • The controller is all set to go.

Turn Off the PS4 Controller on the PS5 or PC.

You can utilize your PS4 controller with the PS5 for playing PS4 games. However, it won’t play PS5 games. It is also possible to use PS4 controllers on Windows. PS4 controller with Windows via Steam, the PS Now app, or DS4Windows.

In any event, closing the controller operates the same way as the previous one. It would be best to press the PS button in the middle for a few seconds to switch off the controller.

This happens if you’re connecting it using Bluetooth. If you’re connecting your controller with a cable, it’s enough to disconnect the controller and switch off the power. But you must press the PS button again if the controller is still on after disconnecting your peripheral.

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