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how to turn off safesearch on iphone

I’m not saying that an iPhone is a secure device. However, it’s safer than the majority of Android smartphones. This is because the iPhone includes parental controls to stop children from falling onto content that isn’t appropriate for them. This feature, known as “Safe Search,” stops users from seeing results for specific keywords in Apple and other engines.

If not, your child could accidentally be exposed to adult-related or adult-themed content through searches such as “Justin Bieber Haircut” or “First Graders Caught Making Out In The Locker Room.” If you’re an adult and want to view these items on your smartphone, then you should disable Safe Search so that you can view those results more! If you’re an elementary school student who isn’t required to play with these things on your phone, Here’s how you can disable Safe Search on your iPhone.

What is a Safe Search?

You can disable Safe Search on your iPhone via your Settings app. Safe Search is a feature that lets you limit the content you view when you are searching for information within your iPhone. By default, it’s activated and lets you find things on your phone by typing certain words. If you wish to turn off Safe Search, take these steps:

  1. Go to your Settings application for your iPhone.
  2. Go to General and then Search> and then switch off the toggle next to SafeSearch.
  3. You’re done!

How can I modify the settings of my SafeSearch settings?

There could be several reasons you’re unable to modify the SafeSearch settings. The most likely reason is that you’re not logged in to the account you have created with your Google account. If you’re not signed in, you’ll be unable to change your account settings. A different possibility could be that your administrator has locked your account, so you cannot make any adjustments. Should this be the case, then contact your administrator to get help.

Turning Off SafeSearch on Safari

Since Safari is the primary browser on IOS and iOS, most of its settings can be found in your Phone settings. However, it is challenging to locate a SafeSearch SafeSearch feature on an iPhone, which can be a challenge since it’s not available within Safari Settings.

If you’d like to use SafeSearch, the SafeSearch Option on your Safari, take these easy steps:

Go to the iPhone Settings.
Navigate to Screen Time > Content & Privacy Restriction.
Tap on Content and Privacy Restrictions when you have toggled on Content Restrictions.
Within the Content Restriction area, you can scroll until you can see Web Content.

Once you’re in your Web Content tab, make sure that you choose Unrestricted Access, and your SafeSearch will be turned off. However, when Safari isn’t your primary browser, this approach isn’t the best choice for you.

How to Turn Off Safe Search on Search Engines?

Search engines primarily use SafeSearch to block explicit content and remove the auto-suggestions displayed when searching for something. If you’d like to disable it, this is how you can accomplish it with the most popular search engines.

Note the SafeSearch filter that is applied to a particular search engine functions on the particular search engine.
On Google Search Engine
If you want to remove the safe Search for search engines precisely, it is possible to do this too.

The default web browser for iPhone users is Safari. iPhone is Safari, and its default search engine will be Google. Therefore, the steps below will be based on that to disable SafeSearch.

  • Open Safari.
  • Go to your browser to the Google homepage.
  • Tap on the three lines in the upper left corner.
  • Then, Tap on Settings.
  • Under the SafeSearch Filter, choose Show specific results.

How to Stop SafeSearch For iPhone?

Based on the information from Google’s online support, the SafeSearch function of Google’s search engine may not be 100% accurate. It will only block explicit videos, images, or gifs from the internet to an extent.

If an individual uses their device using the SafeSearch feature off and on, they will have access to the full search results through Google.

With everything cleared, let’s review the process of disabling SafeSearch. SafeSearch function on an iPhone:

Steps to Turn Off SafeSearch on iPhone:

Step: 1 Open Safari In Your iPhone

Open Safari first on your iPhone. After that, you can search for anything similar to “Hi.”

Step 2: Click on “Three Lines” in Top Left Corner

After you have searched within Safari, click “Three lines,” which is found in the top left corner.

Step 3: Click on Settings

Then, click on settings to access SafeSearch filters. SafeSearch filters are available within Search Settings.

Step 4: Turn Off SafeSearch

After selecting settings, scroll down to locate “SafeSearch Filters.” Switch on the “Explicit results filter” OR choose “Hide Explicit Results” to disable SafeSearch. If it’s already switched off, don’t touch the switch. After that, use the back to turn it off. (+ )

This will ensure that the explicit search results filter is disabled on your device. It will now be possible to access your preferred content and search results via Google.

How can I modify the settings of my SafeSearch settings?

This is the reason why SafeSearch is set to moderate. The issue is that you’re not signed in to your Google account, and the administrator has locked your account, so you cannot make any modifications.

How can I disable Safe Mode on my iPhone 11?

The Safe Mode feature is a handy feature of the iPhone 11. It lets you close down apps you don’t need and gives you a speedier iPhone. It is possible to turn on Safe Mode by pressing and pressing the Sleep/Wake Button and then pressing the Home Button.

What’s wrong with my ability to turn off SafeSearch?

If you’re connected to the public system, SafeSearch could be locked by the administrator. When you’re on a business or university computer, the machine could be subject to restrictions set by an administrator.


Suppose you’re like most people who use their iPhones to perform a large number of online purchases. If you’d like to ensure that website ad are relevant to your needs, it is necessary to switch off “safe search.” A safe Search is an option available on iOS that blocks specific terms and phrases from appearing when browsing the internet. If this feature is turned on, advertising for products or services that aren’t suitable for children or other audiences with sensitive needs is displayed.

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