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how to turn off stars on facebook

Facebook has long been the ideal platform for building a well-qualified profile and establishing your personal brand. Its competent mode is an excellent method for this.

If you create your competent profile, you’ll be able to draw new clients and customers through its growing monthly 2.9 billion members and maintaining contact with your existing customers.

The new Facebook skilful feature, the reels, can serve as a fantastic method of earning income as you post material that is a hit with your target audience.

This allows individuals who wish to hire your services to contact you and learn more about what you can provide.

Additionally, you’ll gain access to special features only business owners and creators can use. How do you begin using Facebook’s competent mode to make money from your Facebook profile?

From Desktop

Take the steps outlined below to deactivate Facebook Stars from your PC:

1. Log into Facebook, and then click your profile.

2. Go to Live Video under What are you thinking about?

3. Click on Select beneath the Go Live opportunity.

4. Then, select Monetisation.

5. Select Stars and then turn the switch off to Enable Stars.

How to conceal Facebook Reviews (Recommendations)

If you’re convinced Facebook Reviews aren’t right for you, it is possible to hide them completely instead of eliminating them. Hiding Facebook Reviews won’t erase any feedback but blocks them from being seen. The Facebook tab remains named Reviews and not Recommendations – to make us confuse everyone.

How to block or erase Facebook recommendations for your Facebook Page step-by step:

Make sure to go to the Settings section on your Page.

Click Edit Page

Scroll to the bottom until you can find Reviews. Scroll until you see

Select to select the Settings opportunity (to the left of the recommendations)

Turn Reviews off

Click Save

If you wish to enable your recommendations in the future, head to the exact place and toggle them on and off again; the absence of recommendations on your Facebook page isn’t completely beneficial. Your business could be missing a great opportunity to communicate your patrons’ experiences and not be perceived as a reputable and trustworthy company.

How to Recommend a Business on Facebook

It is important to note that in the past, there was a choice to ‘Write a Review’ to select a rating between 1 and 5. The new system does not leave feedback for the company; however, you’re suggesting the business. There are two alternatives: ‘Yes’ or ‘No’, which means you are either looking to recommend the company or not. It’s as simple and straightforward as that.

These are the steps to follow for leaving a review on Facebook: Facebook review:

Click the Reviews/Recommendations tab

Select ‘Yes’ to suggest the Page

Note your recommendations or, if you’re using mobile phones, share a photograph with your recommendation.

There is also the option of tags like amazing service, incredible staff, or something similar.

Click Post

Benefits of Facebook Business Reviews

Reviews for Facebook Business can be a fantastic method of raising your company’s image and reputation on the internet. Customers rely on the internet to verify the high quality of your product or service. One of the best methods they use to confirm this is reading customer reviews.

If you’re not focusing on establishing your online ratings and reviews, Here’s why you need to think about it:

Local SEO is boosted Local SEO: Companies with five-star reviews and ratings have higher rankings in Google searches, improving the result in search payoff and making it easier for local consumers to locate you quicker. Google’s algorithm for search takes into account the quality of reviews you get and the traction you obtain across numerous websites, which isn’t limited to its own. Your effort to improve it will pay dividends in the end, SEO-wise.

Establishes trust: A small or medium-sized business with several favourable reviews and star ratings is instantly more appealing to potential customers than one that has little or zero interaction. If you’ve received a few poor reviews, responding properly and handling your customer service in a skilful manner can change the negative reviews, making the business appear more credible.

More business is attracted, and the more exposure and web-based real estate you can create, the more you can benefit. Your company can flourish online when you are equipped with the appropriate resources and Facebook’s social network model. It’s an excellent way to draw clients with its reviews feature, which can be shared in groups of customers and through word-of-mouth recommendations.

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