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How To Turn On Comments On YouTube

Are you unsure what you can do to enable comments on a YouTube video? Are you aware that you cannot change comments settings if a channel’s audience has been set to be made for children.? Comments made to channels for kids will usually be deleted after 30 days and then permanently. To allow comments to be added to the video that isn’t publically accessible, you could publish a non-listed video instead! To save a bit on our own, learn how to enable comments on YouTube videos!

How can I allow YouTube comments on all of your videos?

If you upload a brand new video, it will get the default option of allowing comments. If you don’t alter the default option, Youtube will automatically allow comments on the video. If you turn off the comments feature while making the video, you’ll have to enable the comments system again. To modify YouTube settings for publishers, you must log to YT Studio from your account panel.

Please note that YouTube comments aren’t available in default when you tag them as a child’s video or private. Comments are only accessible on public videos you upload.

Youtube offers a comment moderation system that helps make it easier for users. You can make all comments visible, hide unsuitable ones, or turn off comments automatically. If you’re faced with negative comments, you may choose to block them instead of disabling them. Follow these steps in Youtube studio to allow comments:

How to turn YouTube Comments Off or Off on your mobile device.

Launch YouTube Studio. Open the YouTube Studio app and tap the menu located in the upper-left corner.
Select videos.
Tap the video you would like to turn off or turn off comments.
Press the pencil icon located on the right side of your screen.
Click on the Advanced Settings tab.

Scroll down until you can find the option to comment that lets you disable or turn off comments in the videos. Click Save.

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