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How to unfollow everyone on tiktok

TikTok’s popularity is growing, and Gen Z, in particular, loves it. TikTok lets content creators create short clips of various musical styles to provide entertainment or information.

Sometimes, you will realize that there are too many TikTok followers or users. This is a good time to part ways with some, or perhaps all. You may wonder if it’s possible to unfollow each person individually or all at once.

It is possible to unfollow all users on TikTok simultaneously. TikTok cannot mass unfollow people. Therefore, you will have to use an external application.

You will learn to remove everyone from TikTok on one page in 2024. You can do it in several ways. You will find a convenient and straightforward guide on unfollowing every TikTok user.

TikTok: How to stop following everyone

It is possible to remove a lot of followers in a short time.

Although it’s not immediate, you can still unfollow someone quickly. Just do as follows:

Open TikTok.
Select the Profile tab.
You can click on the ‘Following button’ just above your profile. The list should appear.
The white “Following buttons” will appear next to their names. To unfollow someone, tap the button.

How to remove accounts from mobile devices (manual).

Use these steps to unfollow users on TikTok manually.

Download the App
Select the “Profile” icon in the lower left corner.
Choose the Following option under your username. A list of accounts you follow will appear.
To unfollow an account, tap on Follow next to the account.
You can repeat the steps for any other user you want to unfollow.
Another way is to unfollow TikTok Users. You can do this by following these steps:

The search box is in the upper right-hand corner on both the Home and Now screens.
Then, enter the account username on the keypad and click the Search button.
You can find the account you are looking for in Top and Users.
You can unfollow an account by clicking the Unfollow button.

TikTok Tutorial: Blocking individuals

A blocked account will also stop you from seeing any posts from an account you already follow. The blocking of someone prevents them from being able to see your post, as well as their videos and comments.

TikTok is available on Android and iOS.
To view your profile, click on the icon.
Follow the link below your profile.
Choose the follower you would like to block by tapping their name.
To do this, tap the three dots symbol in the right-hand corner.
Select Block.
To confirm your decision, tap Block.
It is blocked. The account is now blocked.

They are Followers, but How Can You Remove Them?

To prevent someone from seeing your content, remove them as a following.

Now, rather than going to their account profile, you should go to yours. Once you click Followers, you’ll get a listing of the accounts you are following. Scroll until you locate the account to be removed. Select the “Remove this Follower” option.

Everything is fine. It will be impossible for that account to see your profile or view any content. You will only ever be found on the For You Page because it’s a collection of random accounts, followed and unfollowed.

TikTok’s unfollowing option is similar to the one that allows you to remove a follower, but it will not notify them of your action.

Does someone know if I unfollow them on TikTok?

They won’t even know you had to unfollow them. The people can still understand it if they both follow you.

When you first follow one another, their icon shows two side arrows.

When you Unfollow someone, it will show only the checkmark icon. It means you both Unfollow each other.

You’ll both know when you unfollow them, but they won’t if neither of you is following the other.

Can I unfollow someone without a limit?

There is indeed a limit to not following someone in TikTok. A maximum of 200 profiles can be observed and unfollowed per day. You’ll be blocked, and you’ll be following or following someone in TikTok the following day. For mass unfollowing, you can use a third-party TikTok app and contact TikTok Support with your request.


FuelTok has several different uses, including unfollowing people from TikTok.

This is something you might consider if:

The content on your feed comes from people you don’t know.
You are trying to unlock your account after it was locked due to too many followers.
The only people you want to hear from are those who care about what you say.
FuelTok will help you declutter the feed to focus only on the content you care about.

Are users notified when they are unfollowed? Are people aware when they are unfollowed on TikTok?

If you plan to remove everyone from TikTok at once, you might worry about backlash.

Are people notified if you unfollow them from TikTok or not?

Thankfully, no. You are free to unfollow as many users as you like.

You will see that their follower count decreases by one upon unfollowing them. Some people may notice and want to know who you unfollowed.

You will notice this if the person you’re unfollowing has few fans themselves.

What happens if you want to stop being followed on TikTok

Yes, you can. If you can access the website from a web browser, then yes.

The steps on this website are similar to those in the following article. This can also be done from a phone without installing an app.

How does TikTok show who you have unfollowed?

No. No, it doesn’t. The app does not also show the number of people who have viewed your TikToks. The latter is applicable.


TikTok is a popular digital social network that lets you share entertaining or educational videos.

We may have followed too many users, or specific users are okay with us. If you want to stop following them, how do you unfollow them?

This article will show you how to unfollow anyone on TikTok easily using a third-party app like FuelTok and Socialpire.

You can unfollow anyone for free using the TikTok Unfollower Extension described in this article.

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