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How to Uninstall CM Launcher on Android

CM AppLock is one of the most well-known and effective security applications you can download for Android. You can turn on fingerprint security and use passwords to access different applications and get to know the person trying to hack into your smartphone with this application. This app is creepy to work on and offers users no feature to eliminate it. People have reported that they can’t discover a straightforward feature for removing this application.

If you have installed CM AppLock once but then decide to switch it off, you’ll find it difficult. An option. It only offers three choices to lock: remember your password and lock opportunity. They do not provide a method to turn off this app about a particular application. One of the main issues with deleting the the CM AppLock app is that the moment you try to remove the app, it’ll request passwords, which makes it impossible to remove this app. However, options exist to eliminate CM AppLock on your Android smartphone.

A Brief Introduction to Launchers

Android is an open-source platform that lets developers create custom firmware for devices that use it. Custom ROMs, or ROMs, generally are insecure and hard to install. It is important to note that these launchers aren’t ROMs but apps. So, they do not carry the same risk and are easy to install.

Launchers can be classified into two main categories based on how simply you can use them and the benefits they can provide the users. These categories include “smart” and “design.” Smart launchers are designed ideally for users who don’t want to have enough time to look at their mobiles; they modify the home screen display so that it is as useful as they can and provide everything you need to know at an easy glance. In contrast, design-oriented launchers aim to allow users to customize their experience.

How to Uninstall CM Launcher or Microsoft Launcher on Your Samsung Phone

CM launcher is a favored alternative among third-party launchers, as it allows Android users to customize the design and appearance of their interface. It is often used with a pre-installed application on certain devices. How do you get rid of it?

Be aware that you must switch to a different launcher to deinstall the one you are currently using.

Via App Settings

The steps are below how to remove the CM launcher on the Samsung phone:

  1. Go to Settings, tap Apps, and click on the Select the default apps choice.
  2. Select the Home App feature, then select a different launcher.
  3. After the new launcher has been in place, head back to the settings menu to Settings > Applications.
  4. Select CM Launcher and then tap on Uninstall.

Is there something wrong there, CM.Launcher.Win.exe?

Are you experiencing CM.Launcher.Win.exe together with too much CPU or memory? Then, it’s likely that a virus has infected your program. You can try the software known as DriverIdentifier to determine how it works.

How do I remove CM.Launcher.Win.exe?

If you encounter issues when using CM.Launcher.Win.exe, uninstall the associated program (Start from Control Panel Add/Remove Programs).

What can you do to fix CM.Launcher.Win.exe?

You can run the system scan using Speed Up My PC to see any errors, after which you could take other troubleshooting actions.
If you believe this to be an issue with your driver, test

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