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How to Unpin a Tweet on Twitter

Do you have important news to share or send something inspirational or funny? If you want to ensure that your reader gets all the tweets you posted, you may effortlessly add the tweet to your timeline. Additionally, the tweet you pin will remain accessible to anyone for some time. The ‘How to Unpin A Tweet on iPhone’ Guide will assist in unpinning tweets using an iPhone.

The first tweet people view on your profile is a pinned tweet, attracting the highest amount of interest.

All the tweets you post that you’d like to receive more attention can be pinged. If you’re a regular Twitter user, it’s likely to post multiple times a day. This may cause certain important information to get pushed toward the bottom of your profile page.

Here is how to unpin tweets to your profile.

Why Pin a Tweet?

A tweet that has been pinged gets the greatest interest. An enterprise profile can utilize this feature for any tweet pinned to achieve high participation levels via likes and retweets.

The tweets can serve as social evidence. This is one of the most well-known methods to get people to act. IfIf you have a profile already with proof of social media, then you can add it for instant trustworthiness.

Increased engagement from pin tweets can assist in turning them into brand daily leads. This is also beneficial to new and established companies.

How do I pin a tweet to Twitter?

The initial step in pinning tweets to Twitter is to pick the tweet you want to make a point of. It could be a message to promote a new product or service, a tweet containing significant information, or perhaps one you wish to ensure all your followers are aware of. After you’ve selected the tweet, click the three dots in the upper-right part of the tweet. Then choose “Pin to your profile”.

Install the Twitter app on your phone

Log into your profile

Choose a tweet that you would like to pin

Click the three dots menu

Click “Pin to your profile.”

You can refresh your profile to see if your tweet is pinned.

Done! Now, you can add any tweet to your profile!

What is the best way to pin the tweets of someone else?

Here’s how you put a tweet of someone else’s onto your profile:

To pin a tweet of someone else to pin someone’s tweet, head over to the person’s profile

Scroll until you find the tweet that you would like to pin.

Click on the inverted triangle or the downward-pointing and upward-pointing arrow in the upper corner to the right of the tweet.

Click embed tweet to view the URL.

In the next popup, remove”include media” and click the “include media” option.

Scroll down for the actual text of the tweet. Copy everything, including the URL(if it contains images).

Log into your profile and then tweet, copying the contents.

Follow the procedure to pin this latest tweet.

You must give the proper credit to the person and check if that individual allows retweets.


What can you do to remove a Tweet to Twitter?

Although you can remove a tweet manually, you aren’t required to unpin it when you plan to pin a different tweet in the place. In the above example, when you add a brand new tweet to your Twitter profile, it will be replaced by the older tweet is immediately removed.

Follow these steps to remove a tweet from Twitter’s site on a PC, iOS, and Android application.

The Twitter website is accessible via PC

1. Click the arrow facing downwards on the upper-right side of the pinned tweet.

Step 2: In the dropdown menu, click Unpin to remove yourself from the profile.

Step 3: On the confirmation box that pops up, choose Unpin.

The notification will appear on the end of the page that reads, “Your Tweet was unpinned to your profile.”

Unpin an unpinned tweet on Twitter on an iPhone

You pinned a misplaced tweet, or is the tweet no longer longer important? There’s no issue! There’s no need to worry! Can remove an account by following the steps:

Visit the Twitter profile.

Tap the More icon in the top right corner of your pin tweet. Tap the More icon at the top right of your pin.

Tap Unpin from your profile and then select Unpin.

The quickest method was to unpin or pin your or another’s tweets on Twitter using an iPhone. If you still have questions, check out the following responses to the most frequently asked concerns.


The pinning feature is great for displaying the tweets you want viewers to view on your profile from the first look. For the best results from using the pin feature to get the most benefit, you should think about what you want to put in the pin.

It is possible to pin tweets, but you can only pin tweets. Make use of this feature wisely to benefit from this function.

However, how will you choose what pins to use?

Just figure out the goal you want to achieve via Twitter, write your tweet around the goal, post it on Twitter and put it at the top of your profile for more exposure and visibility for the tweet.

What is the frequency at which I should make changes to my PNNED Tweet?

If you have a lot of visitors to your Twitter profile, the Tweet you pinned can get boring and snubbed, and it is recommended to update now and then.

Similar to the previous example, if your business offers sales promotions, you can switch these promotions towards your main message throughout the entire time.

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